Happy Date Night

We have officially been married for 6 years.  Which makes us a couple for 15 years.

Which makes me sit back and go wow, what a ride it’s been!!  University degree 1.  Move to a new city.  University degree 2.  House purchase 1.  Dog adoption.  Wedding.  Southeast Asia honeymoon.  House purchase 2.  House sale 1.  New York City trip to celebrate the start of our family (oh how naive we were).  Miscarriage 1.  Miscarriage 2.  Miscarriage 3.  Escape to Peru. Miscarriage 4. Start My Perfect Breakdown. Quit job. Miscarriage 5. New York City to determine the cause of miscarriage 1-5. Start Independent Consulting Firm. Adoption process. Baby MPB. Parent.

Seriously, wow!

A lot of the last 6 years haven’t gone as planned.  But, I have to admit, as bad as some of it has been, I’m thankful I’ve had Mr. MPB by my side. He’s been at my side through the good and the bad.  And, he even laughs at most of my bad jokes. And, while parenting as a team is not something we’ve perfected, I’m sure glad he’s my partner in it. And, he’s an absolutely amazing father.

So, tonight, we are going on a date!! We have a babysitter arranged, so we are going to enjoy a night out.  First up, dinner reservations.  Second, tickets to the new Star Wars movie.

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18 Comments on “Happy Date Night

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and I hope you have a great time with your husband who has gone through all the ups and downs with you together. It is during these period where where the relationship is tested and has come out stronger.

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