The Irony of Going To New York

We went to New York City in July 2012. We went with another couple (who are pretty awesome and are some of our best friends). We wanted to do New York and spend enough time that we wouldn’t be drawn back in a few years’ time, so we decided to go for 7 nights.

Why did we choose NYC? I had always dreamed of seeing NYC because I love cities and I absolutely love exploring them. NYC had always been top on my list, because it’s NYC! I’m not sure how else to explain the draw, its New York, I just had to go. My husband was less inclined to go spend a week in a giant city, but I booked the tickets so he didn’t have much choice.

But, when did we go in July of 2012? This trip was intended to mark the end of being child free (clearly we assumed it would be that easy – ops!). New York with kids would just not be the same as New York without kids. We wanted to have an amazing, adult indulgent trip!

Alcohol when we wanted it, in whatever qualities we wanted.

Staying out late without even thinking about it – experiencing the whole city, morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Broadway shows, museums, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, the highline, cycling through Central Park, Empire State Building after midnight, Sardi’s, New York Yankees Game, etc. We were usually up and gone for the day by 8am, and finished the day sometime between 12am and 2am. We were exhausted, but we saw and did almost everything on our list. Our friends valued there sleep a little more than we did, so we often split up at times, but always met up at some point to catch an event or take in a show together as a group. We did all the classic adult tourist stuff, and we had an amazing time. We loved the City, and knew one day we would go back, thinking it would be at least 10 or 20 years before we made the trip again.

And, when we got home, we stopped birth control and started trying. The only thing is that, clearly, it didn’t go as planned. While we got pregnant right away, we proceeded to miscarry. And we’ve now done that 5 times.

So now, over 2 years later, we are going back to New York this time with the hope of creating the very child we went to celebrate creating in 2012.

Oh, the irony!

We have decided to make a long weekend out of this visit, and enjoy another weekend in New York. We plan to move at a slower pace, but still maximize our fun.

We plan to take in a jazz club this time. I want to go back to the Empire State Building (I want to see the city view during the day this time). My husband wants to go back to the MET (apparently 2 hours in the MET last time just wasn’t enough). We plan to spend some time hanging out in Central Park, hopefully with some fall colours making an appearance. And, I will be celebrating the end of my 100 happy days in NYC – what an awesome way to wrap this project up!!

Oh, and most importantly, we will be seeing Dr. Braverman. We will give up multiple vials of blood, have a look at my insides, and give up a large chunk of our savings.

Please, if there is anyone out there listening who can help, please let this work. At least give us a more meaningful statistic (better than our current 50% chance of success/failure). Give us a reason, ideally a good and easily curable reason. But, even a bad answer with no hope of success, is acceptable so that we can move on in life knowing that we tried everything.

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31 Comments on “The Irony of Going To New York

  1. These pics made me every more excited! I leave for NYC tomorrow morning for Emerging Women and Chad is flying out to join me after for a few nights. I will be thinking of you and sending lots of power to Dr. Braverman! Love you friend!


  2. Ah, New York… It is magical, even the grimy parts. There is something auspicious about your return to New York after all this time. I hope it serves as a kind of book end to this whole journey.

    (And I agree with your husband. 2 hours in the MET IS NOT ENOUGH!)


    • I too hope that this trip and the results will help provide some sort of direction/ending too all of this!

      And, yes, you are both right about 2 hours not being enough. 🙂


  3. Lovely pictures. I’ve never been to NYC, and have been meaning to go for a long time now. I hope your trip is enjoyable, and that Dr. B is able to increase your chances of success or directs you in a path that brings you to it.


  4. First of all….I LOVE NYC!!!! One of my favorite places ever! 🙂 Enjoy your long weekend! Second, but more importantly, I am hoping and praying that you finally start to get some answers. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Safe travels, Friend!


  5. I will be thinking about you and sending so many positive thoughts for you and the outcome of this trip. Safe travels!


  6. I love NYC and get to go there often for work. I hope you have a nice weekend there that you can enjoy, aside from all of the worries and appointments, etc. It’s beautiful in the fall. Safe travels, and good luck with your appointments.


  7. I love your pictures! When I think about NY, I think about why people wanted to go there originally. Isn’t it because of the possibilities? So I find it even more ironic and I have so much hope for you in the possibilities of what is to come from this!


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