My Perfect Breakdown


No matter how many years have passed, Easter is always a hard time of year for me. Since I started My Perfect Breakdown, each year I have written a post on the anniversary of the day my Mom and Sister were killed by someone who missed a stop sign. 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 – as I re-read these posts, tears are spilling from my eyes. Most days, I just live without… Read More

This werk I have realized that time doesn’t stand still.  I think back to this day 20 years ago, and it sure felt like time stopped.  My entire family except me had left for a social event.  I was sitting at home talking on the phone with a friend.  Someone rang the door bell, my mom’s best friend.  All she said was there’s been an accident.  In that moment, I swear time stopped.  I… Read More