Seven Things On A Monday

  1. The dog just puked all over the carpet.
  2. I’m sick again.  I had a few solid weeks of being healthy, it was bliss.  I miss being healthy.
  3. Little MPB is unhappy and crying unless he is right next to me.  If I leave the room, he cries.  If I try to sit on the couch, he climbs up and sits/jumps on me.  If I set him down, he cries until I pick him back up.  Mr. MPB just wont suffice.  This is attachment is new, I’ll admit part of me loves it.  But I’ll also admit it’s a tad bit overwhelming. Could it be tooth 16 is starting it’s slow and painful arrival?  Or maybe this is a result of an adjustment to daycare which is no longer going well.  He epically cries now, but we are hoping he gets used to it in short order.  All the other kids love it there and run in when they arrive in the morning, so we really do think it’s just a matter of time.
  4. This week is going to be crazy!!  It’s going to be tough on all of us.  First, it’s Little MPB’s first full week of daycare. Monday-Tuesday, I’m away overnight for work.  Thankfully I’m in a city with friends so I’m going to avoid a hotel stay by I’ll stay with them.  Wednesday Mr. MPB is away with work.  Friday-Saturday I’m in an all day course.
  5. Our cleaner quit, without any notice right before our bi-weekly scheduled clean.  I know, this is absolutely a first world problem.  But, I don’t even have the time to look for a cleaner, let alone actually clean.  So, we have a problem.  Needless to say, I think by the time we get through the week ahead of us our house is going to look like a tornado went through it.
  6. Winter has returned.  It’s snowing and it’s expected to be about 5F everyday this week. I’m so done with winter!
  7. I got my period.  Seriously, if I cannot have children the traditional way, why the heck do I have to have a monthly reminder of my infertility?

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9 Comments on “Seven Things On A Monday

  1. Its the daycare. Its his way of showing his displeasure and worry. He doesn’t feel secure there without either of you. Takes a month for kids to stop crying at daycare. A still cries at drop off.

    Good luck with this week!


  2. Hopefully little MPB will start to like daycare again. M walks in the door to his daycare but refuses to say goodbye, he just kind of looks blankly at me when I say goodbye but it is much better than screaming/crying.


  3. What an overwhelming week 😦 Hope things calm down for you soon. And yuck, dog barf. I totally get how pet barf can really start a day off on the wrong foot…

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  4. I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult week. I hope everything goes well and you can go through the week with strength and not a lot of stress. I hope you and your baby feel better soon too, you from your flu and baby from his teething. Sending hugs your way

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  5. It sounds like little MPB is going through exactly what my friend is going through at the moment with new day care situation. It truly sounds tough and exhausting!! I am hopeful for you he will settle into his new routine soon AND that darned tooth makes a break for it!

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  6. Number seven goes through my mind on occasion because I used to soothe myself through the pain as a teen and young adult that all the bleeding and cramps mean I will have children some day. What little did I know back then! That’s not to say I won’t be able to, hopefully I will, just that it’s more complicated than my young mind realized at the time.

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  7. My goodness! A busy week indeed! I hope it goes smoothly. I know it must be hard to see little MPB cry at daycare but I do think it’s normal given the transition. I’m sure he’ll warm up soon!

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  8. Awww Hon, I’m sorry you’re sick again and that Little MPB is having a rough time. Does he continue to cry all day long? I’ve had kids that have and then after a month or so, it’s done and you’d never know. I’m sure it will get better and before you know it, he’s going to be running in with all the other kiddos! Sending you lots of love and big hugs!!!


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