We Have No Food & I Don’t Care

We have no food in our house.

And I’m totally okay with it. Or at least I was until I couldn’t even find enough food to make a decent lunch yesterday.

I have a few pieces of bread, but no butter or jam or even peanut butter. And seriously, who wants to eat plain whole wheat bread, toasted or not? (Evidently Mr. MPB, he was starving).

Normally I keep sandwich meat in our freezer for days like this. It turns out, we’ve used it all up and we are out.

I even searched for popcorn, while not ideal, at least it would have satisfied my hunger. Turns out, we don’t have any of that either. But I did find a few packages of seaweed, which although taste yummy, are more like eating air and do nothing to fill a person up.

And then, last night, we were going to have steak until I realized we had none in the freezer. The same thing happened when I thought about making chicken ramen. Then I decided on pork ribs, until I realized I only have half a red onion and 3 baby bok choy to go with it. Nothing about the combination sounded good to me. So, ultimately I resorted to pasta, which neither of us really like. I added some frozen scallops from our freezer, half a red onion and 3 baby bok choy in a homemade spicy basil pesto sauce (literally chili flakes, olive oil and basil pesto). It was surprisingly good and we survived another night.

Seriously, I’m now completely out of vegetables! This never happens. We love vegetables.

My list of pathetic food options could go on. But, that’s really not the point.

Mr. MPB and I started to notice this trend in our house over a week ago. I honestly just haven’t had time to get to Costco or even just a local grocery store. So we’ve been using up what we do have in our pantry and being slightly creative with our meals.  And definitely not eating the way we normal do, with delicious homemade meals like these:

And you know what’s awesome about this, asides from being slightly hungry and maybe a little malnourished for my middle-class Canadian liking, I’m actually okay with it.

I’m not stressing about it! There has been no anxiety, and no panic attacks and no second thoughts even. This is pretty awesome for me.

We had priorities, and grocery shopping simply hasn’t made it to the top of this.

Instead, I got stuff together for our adoption profile book. We’ve managed to pay some required adoption bills. I’ve been working, which will absolutely help us continue to pay the adoption bills with less stress. Oh, and we’ve been running and/or cycling every evening. Mr. MPB and I have spent some time putting together an actual office space for me. Mr. MPB has been working like mad (this is his busy season). We’ve been walking with the dog.  We’ve also been managing construction crews and estimated timelines thanks to our basement flood. I’ve been writing because I want to. We’ve gone out with friends on the weekend to enjoy ourselves.  We’ve really just been happily getting on with all kinds of business, which has mostly been good.

Seriously, for me, not being stressed about it all is pretty darn great.  Rather than trying to do everything imaginable, instead I’m doing what I can and leaving the rest for tomorrow. And, I’m not stressing about it! This is major progress for me.

A year ago, I would have been stressed out. And today I am not.

Instead, I’m spending my time just how I see fit and I’m happy about it! And, while pretty quickly my need to go grocery shopping is going to outpace something else on my list, I’m not panicking about doing everything right this second. To me, this is a sign that I’m not trying to cram 30 hours of life into 24 hour days. Instead, I might actually just be letting go and accepting more normal standards for myself.

And on that note, I think it’s time for me to go to the grocery store.

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31 Comments on “We Have No Food & I Don’t Care

  1. I’m glad to hear that your stress level is dropping and you are able to relax and enjoy life! Just don’t get so relaxed you forget to buy groceries and starve! Haha!

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  2. Yay! I loved this post! Enjoying what YOU want to do and not trying to achieve everything in sight…it’s hard for people like us but it’s so healthy to live in the moment you are given! You sound so great lately. Also, you and the Mr. look like you are excellent cooks…maybe you should open a restaurant?! I am always amazed at what you put together. Xo


    • Thank you so much for this comment, I do feel pretty great lately. Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I’m really trying hard to focus on the good stuff and the hope and not the fears. I hope it lasts!!
      We do enjoying cooking, thanks! But an actual restaurant, I think that would take the fun out of it. haha! 🙂

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  3. If you can make meals like that without an adequate amount of “good food”, I’d love to see what you do with all the ingredients in the works at your disposal! Invite me over, please 😉

    You’re way more creative and determined than I am. I would order pizza.

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    • hahaha! Those meals are the ones that come together with food in the house and even some special trips to the grocery store. 🙂
      Now all I want is to order pizza!! Tonight we are going out with friends, maybe tomorrow! haha!

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  4. You sound like you’re in such a good place 🙂 In the past, I definitely held myself to some ridiculous standards. The last two or so years I’ve been more conscious about relaxing, and saying no if I’m feeling stressed or over-scheduled. I’m a much happier person with a good amount of play time, along with work and getting things done. Your days sound pretty great to me!


    • Thank you so much for sharing your similar transformation! It’s hard to do it at first, but now that I seem to know my limits a bit better, I’m finding it much easier to say no. And I too am in a much better place for knowing my limits. 🙂


  5. You should come feed me. Those dishes look amazing! I usually pat myself on the back when I have successfully made a yummy AND nutritious meal – but the presentation isn’t nearly as beautiful as yours. However, I am so glad that you are feeling carefree and those stress levels are being kind to you!! 🙂 XO


  6. Why does the saying, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” come to mind? I’m glad to hear you’re not stressing about it as you once might have. You’re awesome!

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    • Thank you so much! It is nice not being completely stressed out with everything going on right now. Learning some self-care feels like it’s paying off right now. 🙂


  7. This is such important training for a young momma! Because believe me, you will soon by saying goodbye to perfect control and organization for all the years it takes to train a small person in good habits (while, of course, they train you!)


  8. these dishes look amazing and my what presentation! If that is what you cook with nothing at home, then I need to enter you in the next Iron Chef contest!


    • Thank you so much! Well, those pictures are actually how we normally eat with food in our house. The picture of what we eat with no food is more like plain toast. 🙂


  9. My fridge and pantry sounds like yours!! Yesterday I did run to the store for bread, lunch meat and cottage cheese. However i got side tracked when I arrived home and forgot to out it in the fridge. Sigh! So still no lunch meat :/


      • lol! After I took Goldilocks to counseling today we had to stop at Subway for lunch. There was no food at home and we were too hungry to go shopping first. So we stuffed our face and then went and bought food. bahaha!

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