My Perfect Breakdown


I often complain about the rigors of the adoption process.  I firmly believe in the background checks, but it’s exhausting to be continually opening your life up to intense scrutiny.  Needless to say, it’s been grueling, expensive and even now still on going. Just to name a few of the steps we’ve taken to welcome our son into our lives: Multiple home study visits and approved home study. Canadian criminal record check…. Read More

We have no food in our house. And I’m totally okay with it. Or at least I was until I couldn’t even find enough food to make a decent lunch yesterday. I have a few pieces of bread, but no butter or jam or even peanut butter. And seriously, who wants to eat plain whole wheat bread, toasted or not? (Evidently Mr. MPB, he was starving). Normally I keep sandwich meat in… Read More