Ready or Not, Here We Go

I’ve been slightly dishonest. Or maybe not dishonest, rather just too busy to properly update.

So, without further adieu, I’ll start today by saying:

Ready or not, here we go!

Our adoption is moving forward again!

We have now officially crossed the border and are working essentially exclusively in the USA now!

This is huge! Like this is a massively huge step, and that might still be an understatement.


Somehow, while our house felt like it was falling apart thanks to our basement flooding and subsequent emergency repairs, our adoption stuff 20150506 - I Want My Freedom Backalso started moving again and at the same time I have picked up a few clients so I’m working a bit more. So, now I find myself juggling and trying really hard not to drop anything.

Needless to say things have been slightly chaotic, but in the chaos we have managed to get our dossier across the border and approved by our agency. I could bore you with the details, but honestly, I’d rather just focus on the exciting stuff.

So, now that things are moving forward what does it actually mean to us?

First, we officially start bleeding money. The Canadian side of our adoption is surprisingly cheap in the scheme of international adoption (less than $4000 USD), so crossing the border means we start putting real big sums of money down. Somehow, this makes it feel so much more real to me. Somehow I now feel like this is really happening!

Second, we are now working with a designer to create our profile book. This should be done within about 3-4 weeks. (Sadly, I won’t be able to share it with my readers, it is illegal for Canadians in my province to advertise our adoption online). Once our book is done, we will be shown to potential birth mom’s!

We can expect us to be matched with a birth mother within the next 6-12 months! Seriously, 6-12 months!!

In my excitement I  almost want to rush out and buy all things baby so that our baby comes home to a near perfect nursery.

I have heart palpitations just thinking about that timeline.  I will be a mom, Mr. MPB will be a dad.  And we could will be parents pretty darn quickly!! Holey, after everything, we will actually be responsible for a little life – that’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. But today, I am just going to hold onto the exciting emotions and repress the terrifying stuff.  I simply want to soak in the excitement, and bask in the hope!  I want to daydream of future adorable baby snuggles and cute toddler antics.

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117 Comments on “Ready or Not, Here We Go

  1. Truly thrilled for you both on this journey! Wishing you a speedy placement so u can get those baby snuggles you truly deserve.


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  4. This is the most exciting news!! I’m thrilled for you both ❤

    Threads of hope from my heart to yours,


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