There is No Chance your Pregnant Again, Right?

The other day when we were at the hospital emergency room for Baby MPB to have tummy x-rays, we all went into the x-ray room for his x-rays.  As the x-ray tech took Baby MPB to wrap him with blankets and strap him onto a body board that was perfectly sized for his little body, she indicated that Mr. MPB and I should stand behind some sort of clear partition due to the x-rays.  However, as she was leaving the room to take the first image she looked at me, and simply said “mom, there is no chance your pregnant again, right?”

To which, Mr. MPB looked at me with his classic smirk and I almost laughed out loud when I said “nope, not a chance!”

It’s funny, once upon a time that question would have irked me and got under my skin.  It would have made me annoyed that I’d have to repeat our history and explain my biology.  But this time, I had no reason to share my medical history, and I didn’t feel compelled to tell a complete stranger that Baby MPB is adopted*, so I just didn’t say anything more.

Instead, this time I thought to myself, oh lady, if only you knew who you just asked that to!  You see, I’m a rather sarcastic person in real life, and sometimes I am known to have a bit of a sarcastic narrative running through my mind and this was one of those sarcastic moments.  I couldn’t help but laugh that me not being pregnant is very much a sure thing.  Needless to say I have no doubt in my mind that I’m not pregnant right now, and I truly hope I go the rest of my life without being pregnant again.  All things she obviously had no ability to know, and she was just doing her job by asking.

I guess this was the first time in a medical situation that I’ve just been treated as a normal mom, and not as an infertility/recurrent pregnancy loss patient reciting pages of medical history and details about our decision to adopt.  And, it was nice to leave all my baggage sitting to the side just this once.

* We don’t hide the fact that Baby MPB is adopted, we are very open about his adoption and our path to become a family.  But, we also don’t include his adoption as part of our first conversation with strangers, it’s very much dependent on the circumstances.

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8 Comments on “There is No Chance your Pregnant Again, Right?

  1. I’m glad you were able to take it in stride! I have been in that same situation and I know for a fact I just burst out laughing, hard enough to startle the lady. Oh well!

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  2. I think this is such a huge step! I can see where in the past that question might lead you in a tailspin and I’m glad that this time around it was different. I’ve had a similar experience when people find out we are expecting again. “Wow, back to back!” Part of me wants to tell them the hell we’ve lived and why it is the way that it is and then the other part of me just laughs and yes “yep.” I’m glad the balls in both of our courts and we can decide who we want to share our family story with.

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  3. That’s awesome. It depends on the situation whether or not I bring my daughters into the conversation, but more often than not I will. However, it’s nice sometimes to just not have to have the longer conversation.

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  4. I meant to write a post about it, but when I went to the ER for the flu a few weeks ago, they used my urine sample (they wanted it to rule out UTI) and did a pregnancy test. They didn’t even tell me. I saw it on the discharge paperwork afterward. I couldn’t decide whether I was angry about it or not. In the end, I decided it was funny. Let them waste their resources–they could have just ASKED!


  5. Ok, I totally love that you’re sarcastic in real life because that’s just another thing we have in common! I was doing one of those couple type quizzes on fb the other day and it asked who was more sarcastic. I looked at J and was like, I think we’re both pretty darn sarcastic. It goes over the kid’s heads all the time, lol. Happy you were able to get through that question without it being painful!

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