My Perfect Breakdown


It’s official, I’ve become a bad friend. In my attempt to balance parenting and work, I’ve completely let my friendships slide.  Friendships in real life, and friendships through my blog. One friend, a mother living in the excoriatingly hard adoption wait, I cannot remember the last time I texted or talked to her. Another friend, one who I used to have lunch with at least once or twice a month, well, it’s… Read More

The MPB household is gearing up for a very challenging month and half.  We’ve known about the impending chaos for a few months now, and I think both Mr. MPB and I just kept trying to ignore that it was coming.  But, now that it’s upon us (as in, it started last week) I can feel the stress in our house already ratcheting up a notch or two. You see, Mr. MPB… Read More