My Perfect Breakdown


Well, after quckily stopping at home for an emergency root canal and work meetings, it’s hard to believe, but I’m actually off again. I feel a bit like some sort of international globetrotter at the moment. I am bringing my computer this time, but this time I am slightly more realistic that asides from some mandatory work, I am unlikely to be using it. Which means, I probably wont be writing for… Read More

It’s official, I’ve become a bad friend. In my attempt to balance parenting and work, I’ve completely let my friendships slide.  Friendships in real life, and friendships through my blog. One friend, a mother living in the excoriatingly hard adoption wait, I cannot remember the last time I texted or talked to her. Another friend, one who I used to have lunch with at least once or twice a month, well, it’s… Read More