86% Excited

Well, after quckily stopping at home for an emergency root canal and work meetings, it’s hard to believe, but I’m actually off again. I feel a bit like some sort of international globetrotter at the moment.

I am bringing my computer this time, but this time I am slightly more realistic that asides from some mandatory work, I am unlikely to be using it. Which means, I probably wont be writing for the rest of this week.

Where am I off to this time? I am leaving Mr. MPB and Little MPB at home and am going to meet up with a few amazing bloggers on the other side of the continent!! I still cannot believe I’m doing this.

Honestly, I think I’m 86% excited, 8% nervous and 6% terrified.

I am beyond excited and thrilled to be meeting these ladies in person. When they decided to do this weekend, I initially said no – it’s the other side of the continent just a few days after we get home from a family trip. Then, I found another amazing seat sale ($70 CAD round trip for flights) and after talking to Mr. MPB I decided to go. I think it’s a once in a life time trip, and I decided I needed to do this. So, I am excited to spend a weekend with these ladies. I know them so well, that I honestly expect it to be a phenomenal few days.

But I have to be honest, I’m nervous and even slightly terrified. We are sharing an AirBnB rental – what if some of us don’t end up getting along? What if we have nothing, other then infertility, in common? And, I’m a jeans/yoga pants, t-shirt/hoodie kind of girl, will I fit in with these beautiful women? Yes, I know that sounds like a paranoid high school girl mentality, but I really do just hope I fit in! And, let’s not forget the nervousness that comes along with leaving Little MPB for the first time for more then 1 night. And as I’ll be crossing the continent, it means I cannot rush home in the case of some sort of emergency. I know Mr. MPB is a phenomenal father, so I’m not worried about basic care or anything like that, but I am so incredibly nervous about not seeing my little boy every single day.

And, since I’m being real, I have to acknowledge that I’m also slightly terrified. The paranoid part of my brain is slightly worried about visiting a largely populated city in the USA – recent news stories seem to breed fear for basic safety, and it’s hard to block that out of my mind. But alas, I’m also not about to sit at home and avoid the world.

So, here’s to hoping we have a tonne of fun, and make some amazing memories!

(Oh, and I’ve decided not to bring my real camera, so I’ll be relying on my cellphone. I suspect I will be posting more pictures then normal on IG over the weekend).

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17 Comments on “86% Excited

    • I have no idea how I found these 2 deals!!! I used aeroplane points that we’d saved for years. But even then, the prices are still just ridiculously low!! maybe it has to do with beoing outside of peak travel times? I’m hoping I can redo the Hawaii trip again next year with points but I can only do it if I find the same unbelievable point deal as we don’t have many points left.

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      • We have a ton of points too that we have never used and keep accumulating. I need to talk DH into using them on something fun!

        Are you finding them on the airline’s own site? Or like a search site like Expedia?

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  1. Wow, you’re incredibly bold and brave. Staying in the same house with people I don’t know would be the end of the world for me. I hope it’s a wonderful experience!

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  2. Oh, how fun! I’m the exact same (I write this in literally yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a hoodie). Looking forward to living vicariously through you on IG (as I’m not traveling due to this high-risk pregnancy).

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  3. How fun! I’m kinda jealous, and really curious who you’re meeting there!! I know one other blog friend who’s in a big US city this weekend as well. I want to hear all of your stories!!

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