Home Again

And, in a blink of an eye, we are home again.

Where did we go, you ask?  Hawaii. I kinda forgot to mention it, or rather chose not to because I’m just not a fan of telling the entire internet that my house is sitting empty – sorry.

We almost cancelled when Little MPB got diagnosed with Pneumonia.  We asked the ER doctor and he was very clear that the humid Hawaii air would be the best thing possible for his lungs.  We asked our family doctor, who reiterated the same thing.  So, off we went, basically under doctors orders.

I found a phenomenal seat sale a few months ago, using points we’ve been saving for years.  In total, for condo accommodations, 3 seats on an airplane and a car rental we spent $3000 for 8 nights in Hawaii.  Really, that price was beyond phenomenal. Honestly, it was such an unbeatable price that I didn’t even have to beg Mr. MPB to agree to the trip.  Even though we had no plans to travel in 2018, when I told Mr. MPB what I found, he simply said book it, we have to go.  And by pure coincidence it turned out my parents were on the same island, at the exact same time.

I planned to write while we were away, and I also planned to work while we were away.  But, I never turned on my computer.  Not once.  I only responded to 2 work emails on my phone, one of which was to decline a rush project that would have required me to work while we were away.  And, I never returned a single phone call.

Instead, we played in the pool every single day. We played in the ocean.  We watched sunsets.  We went outlet shopping and splurged on a few things and bought a few necessities at great prices.  We slept, even Little MPB slept (so long as only I put him to bed, lied with him until he fell asleep and never dared to put him into his pack-n-play).  We let Little MPB watch too many early morning cartoons.  We cooked family meals with the grandparents. We played at the local playground.  We (the adults only) drank beer at 9am…and 9pm too.  We got a tad bit too much sun. We even snuck in an unforgettably amazing date night thanks to the grandparent’s generosity.

We relaxed.

But more than anything, we beat to Little MPB’s drum.  And I can say, without hesitation or doubt, that it was the best trip we’ve ever been on as a family of 3.  In fact, it was so good that I’m now determined to find a way to make this happen again next winter, because I think our entire family needed this.

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16 Comments on “Home Again

  1. Hooray!!! So glad you had a lovely family getaway — and under doctor’s orders, no less! Which island were you on? I go to Hawaii pretty often for work, and always love visiting. Haven’t been back since before S was born, though… maybe we’ll have to take a page out of your book and make it happen!

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  2. I am insanely jealous! We honeymooned in Hawaii and are dying to go back someday with the kids. Glad it was so magical for you 😊

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  3. OMG!!!! How incredibly!

    It warms my hear so much to read about this amazing family trip!

    And kudos to you on the great deal! Man I love a great deal! If I was offered that today, It would be booked by the time I finish typing this response! In fact… I need to look into some good vacation plans. We were actually supposed to go to Hawaii this year anyway, but then my now ex-SIL ruined that, and our Alaska trip.

    But enough about that.

    Yayyyy!!!!! I am so happy the MPBs had an amazing trip out. You all deserve it so much! And how cool that your parents were there too!!!

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  4. ” I kinda forgot to mention it, or rather chose not to because I’m just not a fan of telling the entire internet that my house is sitting empty – sorry. ”

    Kinda obvious to most people, but I guess its not since, I find it often that FB tells me that someone is leaving on an awesome vacation 🙂

    Am glad you guys had fun, and are all relaxed and chilled out.. Maybe you should post some pictures of gorgeous sunsets/sunrises to show us sun starved Canadians?

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  5. I’m so happy for you! And well done on ignoring work stuff. I made the mistake of reading a work email on vacation one time, and it pretty much ruined the trip for me. The boss wanted me to take on a project that I had no interest in, and I fretted over how to decline it the whole time.

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