Post-Pneumonia Check-Up

Little MPB saw our family doctor for a post-pneumonia check-up.  A post-pneumonia check-up is not a requirement, but these paranoid parents decided it was a good idea.  I am happy to report that Little MPB was given a clean bill of health.  He will get x-rays in 6 weeks to confirm the infection in his lungs is completely gone (apparently with pneumonia you have to wait at least six weeks for follow up x-rays to avoid false positives).  To state the obviouse, I am beyond relieved that Little MPB was given a clean bill of health!!!  And, after my first hand experience with the toddler x-ray torture device, I have informed Mr. MPB that he gets to take Little MPB for his follow-up x-rays.

As for me, I am still sick.  I am now using an inhaler 4 times a day, up from 2 times a day.  Which is actually made a significant difference over the last few days.  I had a long talk with my doctor about my constant sting of illnesses over the last few years.  In the end, he cannot really explain why I’m getting so sick constantly.  We know a lack of sleep always drops my immune system, so I need to be better at getting enough sleep.  And, he does suspect that I am just more susceptible to the daycare germs Little MPB brings home then Mr. MPB is, probably in large part because of my history of asthma (I have not had asthma related health problems in years, but I’m told it still compromises the health of my lungs when I catch colds).  Hence why all the illnesses settle into my lungs so easy.  Needless to say, the plan going forward is to try starting using an inhaler as soon as I start feeling even slightly sick to hopefully prevent another chest infection with my next cold.

Mr. MPB is still perfectly healthy.  As per normal.

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11 Comments on “Post-Pneumonia Check-Up

  1. Glad Little MPB is better!

    I hope you get better soon. The sickness has just been looming over DH and I this past week, so I know it will drop down soon.


  2. If it weren’t for the mention of Little MPB…I’d swear those were my words. I always get everything my nephews get, and it goes right into my lungs (also, asthma sufferer)…and Mr. Big NEVER GETS ANYTHING. Mind you, I suspect he would be the WORST man-cold sufferer ever…so I think that’s a blessing in disguise! I hope you feel better soon!


  3. I have the same problem with mild asthma that ends up being a serious problem every time I get sick. Finally about 18 months ago an urgent care doctor suggested I just always use my rescue inhaler every 4 hours any time I get a cold. It helps a ton! I’ve had an inhaler for over ten years, and I can’t help but wonder why no other doctor ever gave me that advice. I’m so glad your little one is all better!


  4. “Mr. MPB is still perfectly healthy. As per normal.”


    I’m glad Little MPB is on the mend! I hope you are soon!


  5. I feel you friend. Michael will come home with “allergies” and I will somehow get the flu. Needless to say, this flu season, I have decided to stay more indoors than venture out.


  6. When my sons first started daycare at age 2.5, I was sick so often over the next year or so that I was convinced that I must be immunosuppressed in some way. Nope. Just normal mother-to-toddlers stuff. It eventually lessened. In the meantime, I had tried everything I could think of: more frequent hand washing; adding a few different supplements to my daily multivitamin (like echinacea and elderberry); and taking probiotics. (Getting more sleep, exercise and healthy food choices are all recommended to improve immunity, too; it sounds like you do these already.)

    Glad to hear that the little guy is improving! 🙂


  7. Moms get the worst of it since we are the ones who are up all hours of the night worrying. Its also a good thing that Mr. isn’t sick…That would mean your adult child would need caring for too.


  8. Since about 70% of the immune system is related to a healthy gut flora, I would bet that you’re getting sick more often due to all the trouble you’ve had with that over the past few years.

    Hopefully your specialist will figure out what’s gohng on with your intestinal system so you can start to rebuild a population of beneficial bacteria.


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