The Date Night That Wasn’t

Our evening out was not at all what we expected…we had a third wheel, named Little MPB on our date!  Which I think means it was really not a date.


Our old nanny had a family emergency and had to cancel at the last minute.  She was very apologetic and I was all don’t even worry about it!!  Go do what you have to do!


So, what was supposed to be date, turned into a family dinner-out at 5:30pm so that we could get home for Little MPB’s 7pm bedtime.

And for some reason both Mr. MPB had it in our heads that our change of plans at least required us to go to pub to have a decent beer rather then a kid family restaurant.  But, alas 3 pubs later 2 of them did not accept minors and the one that did was just too busy to meet the urgent need of a hungry toddler.  So, we settled for a Vietnamese restaurant in the parking lot of one of the pubs.  And we very quickly learned that Little MPB hates Vietnamese cuisine or at least he thought it was more fun to play with then to actually eat.  He basically only ate the snack food in his diaper bag and threw nearly everything else on the floor.  It was really and truly a disaster – we were that family.  Thankfully the staff though Little MPB was adorable and didn’t seem to mind.

Oh, and the Adult MPB’s didn’t even bother to order a glass of wine or a beer.  Instead, we just ate as quickly as possible so that we could the tornado of Little MPB out of the restaurant!  I felt so bad for the mess that they got a really good tip.

We got Little MPB home just in time for bed.  And then quickly proceeded to poor a glasses of wine for ourselves, turned on Netflix and finished off the night by falling asleep at 9:30pm.



But, honestly, I was so selfishly disappointed when our evening out was cancelled.  Even Mr. MPB admitted being disappointed.

And, it doesn’t help that we have realized that given our old nanny’s circumstances and our schedule we probably wont be able to try for another date night until mid-June at the earliest!

I guess, this is just one of those things that parents get to deal with.  And, rather then dwell in disappointment of a cancelled date, I’m focusing on the fact that at least our third wheel is our cute Little MPB and someone else got to clean up his massive mess!

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14 Comments on “The Date Night That Wasn’t

  1. Hahaha!
    While I am sorry it didn’t work out, and the both of you are disappointed, I am also sorry I have a wide grin on my face reading your post!

    Maybe date afternoons? Little MPB is in daycare, and the both of you work from home. Maybe you next date can be sooner than June!

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  2. Someone else cleaning the mess sounds divine! Sorry your date didn’t go as planned. Between a 5 month old teething and my husband’s shift roster and no baby sitters yet…. I have no idea when we will be able to go on a date

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  3. Lol. Funny to read. Less funny to experience (I know). I see Mamalife suggested an afternoon date. We’ve had many of those. We’ve also had tons of “family dates”. Which can be fun but also stressful, especially when dinner ends up on the floor. πŸ˜‰

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  4. Oh no! Sorry your date night got messed up. We had issues while we were away on vacation. We ate most of our meals out, because, vacation…and of course most nights C gets upset whenever I try to eat dinner, whether out or home. One night we went for pizza. C had been asleep when we got there, but woke up just after we ordered. By the time our food came she was hysterical and completely inconsolable. I had 2 bites of food, B finished 3/4 of his pizza and I told him we had to leave. I felt horrible for other people trying to enjoy their dinner, and I was completely frazzled and about to cry. Of course the minute we walked into the hotel, C was happy and content again. Figures!! I wish we had someone who could babysit her so we could get out just the two of us once in a while, but it’s hard with no family here. I’m glad you at least didn’t have to clean the mess he left behind!!

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  5. Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t have date night just to yourselves. I hope next time is better and baby-free πŸ™‚


  6. We haven’t left Avery with anyone during date-night dinner hour yet because bedtime routine is such a drawn out and breastfeeding centred event… No one else could do it even IF I were comfortable leaving her. So our dates have all involved a tiny third wheel and have all been lunch or early dinner. We’ve definitely had a couple of those experiences where we had to scarf down the food and leave half our beers to get Avery out of the situation. It’s embarrassing to be ‘that family’ for sure. I hope you get your official date night soon!

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  7. Ahhhhhh the joys! Eating out with toddlers is not for the faint hearted! Well done on surviving and hope you get some adult time together soon x

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  8. Oh man…I’m sorry you guys didn’t get the date you were hoping for. Annabelle’s not in that stage quite yet so we’re still safe on the taking her to dinner with us and it not being too much of a mess. Our day is coming though, lol. I hope you’re able to squeak a date in soon and I hope everything is okay with your old nanny’s family!

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