The Day My Dog Almost Ate Someone

Or maybe I should say The Day My Dog Almost Attacked Someone And Gave Me a Heart Attack.


Pretty much every morning starts out the same way.  Little MPB wakes up, Adult MPBs begrudgingly pull ourselves out of bed, one Adult MPB takes Little MPB, the other Adult MPB showers.  Once we get downstairs, Little MPB begins his day with a sippy cup of water and begins playing.  Once Little MPB has his sippy cup in hand, the 90lbs friendly dog instantly goes to the back door to be let our for her morning bathroom break.  It’s like a predictable morning waltz.

Well this particular morning, the waltz was executed perfectly.  Little MPB woke up.  Mr. MPB showered. I took Little MPB downstairs to start our day.  I gave Little MPB his sippy cup, and let the dog into the backyard.

But that’s where the waltz abruptly ended.  Within less the a minute of the dog being outside, I knew something wasn’t right.  Our dog, was absolutely losing it!  Like, completely freaking out.  I could see her through the window and it wasn’t a normal reaction.  She was VERY aggressive in her stance and not backing down.  I couldn’t see what was bothering her as it was out of my sight lines.  I thought maybe our neighbours had a visiting do in their yard and the two dogs were meeting through the fence.

It was so peculiar I looked at Little MPB, he was okay so I ran outside.  It turns out someone was in our back yard and our dog was not happy about the intrusion!  I had no idea who it was and just yelled at them to get out of the yard because the dog is unpredictable at the moment.  I had never seen our dog like this before, it just seemed wise to get the other person out of the yard.

The person quickly went out the way she came.

And it donned on me, it was dog pooh pick-up day and we must have been the first house on the list!!  Total light-bulb moment!

Once the dog pooh pick up lady left the yard, our dog instantly calmed down and ran to the door to go back inside.  So, I yelled to the lady that I’d get the dog inside so she could come back in to do her pick-up.

Thankfully, I got outside and got the lady out of our yard before the dog became aggressive in her protection of her space.  I honestly don’t know if she would have bitten or done anything, but I do know she was VERY unhappy about having a stranger in her yard with her. Rightfully so, I think.  Now, I’ll admit, I’m a tad bit confused by all of this.  Wouldn’t it be wise to make sure the large dog that doesn’t know you is not in the backyard when you enter?  It seems like basic safety for her line of work.

Also, thankfully when I returned inside, I quickly saw that Mr. MPB had clearly heard the dog’s commotion and was already downstairs watching over Little MPB who hadn’t moved an inch.

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11 Comments on “The Day My Dog Almost Ate Someone

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t like the at all! You’d think you’d knock to check if anyone was home before you went into someone’s backyard. I mean, they are there because they KNOW you have a dog. Not all dogs are friendly and just about none of them are if you get in their space unannounced. My neighbors had whippets that LOST THEIR MINDS when the dog poop guy came.

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    • I completely agree, check before you walk in! I just hope they leanred there lesson and check next time because when I’m half asleep in the morning I’m probably not going to remember what day it is to know if they might be in the yard!

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  2. Sounds like a trusty reliable companion that should get steak for dinner tonight 😉 I personally like knowing that my dogs will protect my house and our family if anyone should dare enter. I say anyone dumb enough to enter a house or yard with with German shepherds is an idiot and deserves whatever comes their way (that’s what we have).

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  3. I’ve never been a pooh picker upper but a lot of my job involves dog care. I would NEVER walk onto someone else’s property without notifying them first by a knock on the door, unless we had a clear set of instructions that said otherwise. Even then, I text them to let them know I was there. You did exactly what you were supposed to do. Wow.

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  4. Knock Knock! “Hi Mrs. MBP, I’m the pooh cleaning lady you hired, letting you know I’m here to do my business”

    That’s all it takes… some common sense. Though it doesn’t seem so common anymore…

    Glad all worked out!


  5. I mean, don’t they let you know they’re there!?!? I would think that would be the first thing they do, to prevent such an incident from happening!! Not very smart on her part!! Maybe next time she’ll let you (or any other client) know she’s there!


  6. I say good dog! I got my dog for a loving companion that would protect little me when I lived on my own and she gas turned into a family dog and is very protective of her people….I should have named her nan from Peter Pan

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