A Few Thoughts

I am simply too tired for full sentences at the moment.  So it’s a list kind of day.

  1. It’s Friday of a long weekend.  Yay!!  Friends are staying with us.  Yay!!  Mr. MPB is going to be away.  Boo.
  2. Remembrance Day is so important to me.  I had grandfathers who fought in wars.  I have a cousin in the USA military.  But, more then those related to me, I have an appreciation for those who stand up for what is right.  Often times I struggle with the politics behind wars occurring today, but I know I will always support the individuals in our military.  And when Little MPB is a little bit older we will begin attending the local memorial service to help him learn about those who have died fighting for our freedoms and rights.  (We are not taking him at this age, when sitting still is basically impossible – he wont get anything out of it, and we’ll be frustrated while annoying those around us).
  3. My work/client situation just keeps getting weirder.  The best way I can explain it is that those around me have turned into a group of high school teenagers with over the top dramatics.  I didn’t enjoy this type of dramatics when I was in high school and I still hate it (no surprise).
  4. Little MPB is sick again or maybe he’s still sick but it’s taken a turn for the worse.  Either way, we are off to the doctor today just to be safe.  Given the visit last week, I suspect he has croup.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate the constant sick that comes with daycare?
  5. It looks like I’m about to do what I consider one of the craziest things ever – flying across the continent to meet a few amazing bloggers who have become very good friends.  I’ll share more on this another day, but I still cannot believe I’m actually seriously considering doing this!  And even more crazy, Mr. MPB is in full support of it!  Oddly, or maybe not, I am more nervous about leaving Little MPB for a whole weekend then I am about meeting these women in real life.  We’ve become such good friends that I just know it’ll be a fun weekend.

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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11 Comments on “A Few Thoughts

  1. So sorry about the work situation! I am reminded of a meme I saw once: “Some days I don’t know if I’m in high school or if I’m in pre-school. Oh wait…. I’m at work”

    Sorry about the day care sickness again! I hope little MPB starts to feel better soon! The croup is just awful. I remember my mom and aunt giving my sister and cousin a mixture of whiskey, honey and lemon for it. The biggest problem is that now my sister asks for whiskey all of the time when she is sick! (She can be a bit dramatic, lol)

    Oh How exciting about your trip!!!!

    Where will this trip be to if you don’t mind me asking?

    Happy Friday friend!!


  2. I feel the same way about #2, in fact, Iā€™m halfway through a blog expressing the same sentiment šŸ˜Š Happy long weekend!


  3. It’s always awful to be surrounded by high school drama in situations that should be above that. Who has time or energy for that?? Also – poor Little MPB (and both of you!)…daycare sick is constant at first and shitty for all involved!

    I also am curious about your trip!! Where, with who??

    Happy Friday! I’m jealous that you work in a sector that honours this as a long weekend…while many at my work do, I am not in one of those groups. (Boo) so it’s just a regular weekend for me!


  4. For someone who has been blogging for a long time and has met a SHIT ton (that is an actual measurement) of bloggers in real life, you will love it. My first attempt at this was jumping on a plane, having a bloggers bf pick me up at the airport and then driving to their house. I hadn’t even once talked to them on the phone. Just email. All the things that could have gone wrong in this scenario did not. It was the best weekend of my life. We have all traveled together, gotten our children to meet, been at one another’s weddings and have been there for everything in between. It is the best decision you will make:)


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