Respect & Honour

Today, November 11, most people take a moment and reflect on those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom and our children’s freedom.

I have done this every single year of my life.  Both of my grandfather were involved in WW2.  As were members of my husband’s family and most (if not almost all) families in North America.  Today, holds a special place in my heart as I remember those who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of our world.  Today I will reflect upon my grandparents and all men and women who put our societies needs above their own.

But, I have to acknowledge, this year I am feeling a bit stronger about the significance of November 11 then I have in many years.

This year, I am thinking about how so many brave men and women, have made a significant difference to my future child’s life. A child they have not met (heck, I haven’t even met our child yet), but will grow up living in a country that cherishes and values freedom.

In fact, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom’s sets out the following fundamental freedoms:

freedom of conscience and religion;

freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

freedom of peaceful assembly; and

freedom of association.


I am thankful that I was able to grow up not questioning my right to freedom.  And this year, as we wait for our adoption match, I am realizing just how amazing this truly as.  I am beyond thankful that my child will be able to take freedom for granted, just as I did.

As a child we always attended memorial services on November 11.  We attended them in school and large community services as well.  In fact, as a young Brownie/Girl Guide I often participated.

As an adult, I have always reflected on the significance of the day, but I have not actually attended a service in more years then I’d like to admit.  Truthfully, I cannot remember how many years it has been.  However, as I look forward to having our own child, I realize that I need to start attending again.  I want our child(ren) to be brought up respecting the significant of Remembrance Day and our armed forces.  I hope that by introducing our child(ren) to formal remembrance Day services at a young age, that even if they do not support the politics of the current international conflicts, that they will support the men and women who choose to enter the military and act selflessly to protect and honour the values of our Canadian society.

In the coming years I pledge to be at a local Remembrance Day service, hopefully holding our child in my arms.

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4 Comments on “Respect & Honour

  1. Lovely. You are right it is amazing that our children will grow up in a world taking freedom for granted. It is also amazing that there are men and women out there who make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can all enjoy that freedom. I should look into it to see if there are services in my area!

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    • Yes, freedom is pretty darn amazing! I simply couldn’t even begin to imagine how people in many parts of the world are living without the same basic freedoms that we enjoy in Canada (and the US too).


  2. I love your spin on Veterans Days. I love the idea of bringing children to Veterans events to show them there are people out there who sacrifice everything for freedom. And what a wonder way for us to teach respect!


  3. I think that it’s wonderful that you remind everyone of how important it is to teach our children to respect our veterans from every generation and to teach them about the sacrifices that have been made. xo


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