Girls Weekend

I am back home.  And after all my flight delays, missed flights, last minute hotels, missed meals at the result of an incompetent airline with horrible customer service, I’ll be fine if I never leave my house again.  Or rather, I’ll be fine if I never fly that airline again, regardless of the fact that my initial flights were a steal of a deal because by the time I got home, I had spent more money as a result of said incompetence and poor customer service then if I had just bought tickets with a more reputable airline in the first place.  Arg, such is life.

But rather then dwell in the frustrations, I want to relive the excitement and fun that way NYC!

We did so many NYC classic things, in such a short few days:

  • Times Square – at night, and during the day.
  • Broadway Musical – we chose Aladdin, it was spectacular, especially the Genie played by Major Attaway!  His performance was simply phenomenal!
  • Rockefeller Center – it even snowed for a few minutes during our visit, which our Aussie friend loved.  This winter hating Canadian, not so much.
  • Lunch at a famous chef restaurant, Butter by Executive Chef Alex Guarnaschelli – honestly, the food was a tad disappointing and the service wasn’t anything worth writing about (i.e it was kinda bad).  But, the late morning cocktail was amazing and more importantly the quality time and wonderful conversation with 3 amazing friends was so incredibly special.
  • Central Park for a brief walk on a cold day.
  • High Line for another walk on another cold day.
  • Walked random streets and took the subway – I adore the various tile art in the New York Subway.
  • Purchased fresh cut flowers in the Flower District.
  • Comedy Cellar for a late night – so much laughter.
  • Stumbled upon the NYC LOVE sign – made my day as I’d missed it on past trips.
  • Igloo Rooftop Bar – and I didn’t even freeze.
  • Library liquor store – because, why not?!

I even managed to make a quick trip to Philadelphia to meet the family of one of the girls, and to try a real Philly Cheesestake.  Her daughters are everything I imagined they would be – so sweet and full of love and endless toddler energy.  Her husband is incredibly kind.  And her dog, offered me the puppy snuggles I have been desperately craving.  And, her city is beautiful, albeit incredibly rainy while I was there.

But honestly, while NYC was fun, the most important part of this trip was spending time with three amazing women. Three women who have all struggled to have children and who all know the inexplicable heartache of infertility.  We share in our common pain, but today we also all now share in our joy (and challenges) as parents.  This trip marked all our first times away from our littlest children, which was a unique experience in itself.

I have known these women for years, they have cheered me on through our losses and our adoption journey.  They have listened to me cry the most heartbreaking tears of my life, and they have picked me back up with their words of encouragement and love.  And they have also celebrated the arrival of our son, a moment I was never sure we’d ever actually get to experience.  They have showered my entire family with love and unconditional support. Like so many of my blogging friends, they know me better then almost anyone in the world and they love me unconditionally.  And at the same time, they’ve opened their lives and hearts to me.  They’ve welcomed me into their lives and allowed me to cheer them on, something I will forever be grateful for.

Before this weekend I loved them unconditionally, without ever knowing them in person.  After this weekend, I love them even more.  They are exactly who I expected them to be, and possibly even more beautiful and amazing then I had imagined.  I am grateful I get to call these women friends.

I will forever cherish our time together on this girls weekend away.

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10 Comments on “Girls Weekend

  1. What a fun time!! I’ve been to NY and it’s simply magical if you know where to look. I love that you have such a great tribe surrounding you!


  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time – other than the travel problems. But I agree about the snow, we get enough in Canada.


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