Attempting Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is simply not a holiday we celebrate in the MPB household.

Honestly, I am one of those people who thinks we shouldn’t need a specific day to tell the people in our lives that we love them. Truthfully, I don’t really even consider it a holiday, rather I consider it a hallmark profiteering day. In fact, of all the first “holidays” during Little MPB’s first year, we completely missed Valentine’s Day – we just forgot about it. #ParentFail

When daycare sent home a class list for valentine day cards last week, I figured that was a pretty big hint that we needed to step it up this year. So, while I was at a meeting last night, Little MPB (with a bit of help from his Dad) made Valentine Day cards for all the kids in his class.

While eating breakfast this morning I taught Little MPB to say Happy Valentine’s Day.

We also found a red shirt in his drawer, so he’ll at least being wearing red like all his classmates today. I assume it doesn’t matter that the shirt has a dinosaur on it, right?

And lastly, I picked up 2 giant kinder-eggs – 1 for Little MPB and 1 for Mr. MPB as a special treat tonight. (I know they’d both much rather build a toy then get a stuffed animal, so I just got them something fun that they’d actually like).

That’s as far as we got. Which for us, is a major success.

So needless to say, when I woke up this morning to find this on my desk, I nearly fell over:

Mr. MPB did not go into a store and buy a card, or waste money on overly expensive flowers or chocolates that I really don’t need. Instead, he took the time to find this picture somewhere, print it on card-stock and wrote a cute message inside. Seriously, he’s the sweetest.

And to make our Valentine’s Day extra special we are off to see my GI specialist in a few hours for a follow-up appointment. #KeepingItReal

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20 Comments on “Attempting Valentine’s Day

  1. I completely agree that it isn’t a real holiday and that we shouldn’t need to do something one certain day a year to show our love for our spouse, child or anyone!

    That being said, it does remind me to do small nice things to show I love people more often. Because I think I fail at this.

    PS, that card is so amazing. Mr. MPB wins at Valentine’s Day!

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  2. Valentine’s day is special to us because it’s around when we started dating and when we got engaged, and we use Valentine’s day as a cover to protect the actual dates publicly. But I get what you mean.
    Also, a GI appt? That’s super romantic fun times for sure!

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    • See, I love that Valentine’s day is extra special to you – all those things are worth celebrating!!! (That’s how Christmas is for us – so many happy celebrations are right around that time of year).
      And yes, GI appointment is definitely super romantic fun times! HAHAH

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  3. Ha! I love the end of this post. Keeping it real, indeed. Made me laugh. 🙂 We’re definitely on the same page as you guys on Valentine’s day. Our big event of the evening is that my husband wants to go to a local zoning meeting about our dog boarding business. Very romantic!!!

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  4. I got Avery a kinder surprise egg this year, too 😉 That’s all we’re doing to celebrate this non-holiday (I hope… If my wife does something when she gets home from work I’ll look like an ass…). That card is super sweet 😊 Way to go, Mr. MPB!


  5. For 25 yrs or so my Valentine’s Day has been a date with my tax person. Actually it is quite nice and it always is so freeing afterwards.
    So low key Valentine’s is clearly my thing.


  6. We’ve definitely gotten into V day more since maeve started school. We had a tradition before maeve where we bought each other a DVD (for me) and a record (for chris) as a thought treat. Now we also buy maeve a new Disney movie. I was also #keepingitreal today with a colonoscopy this afternoon haha

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      • Thank you. Yes, all good. The worst part was the hunger! Oh man, my mind screwed me by making me wake up ravenous the day before haha. Nothing to report on my exam and I have a long 5 years before I have to have another. I actually had no symptoms that lead to the exam it was just a family history that calls for me to be checked regularly now.

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  7. What are kinder eggs? I’ve heard people talk about them before, but I have no idea what they are. Is it something I should learn about with the kids!?!? I’m glad that you had a good day today, even if it’s not a holiday you like. I didn’t have a specific Valentine’s outfit for C today either, I put her in a purple onesie with hearts on it. Oh well. We went to dinner this past Sunday to avoid the crowds, and made a nice dinner in tonight. We exchanged cards and candy, and that was enough for us! Hope your Dr appt went well!!

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    • kinder eggs are Canadian. they have a toy for kids to build inside a chocolate egg. I thought they were banned in the USA, but I recently learned that they might only be banned in some states. if you don’t have any let me know and I’ll mail you some! 😊
      a purple onesie woth hearts sounds perfect to me! and an early dinner also sounds nice too! oh and candy is alqays a good thing! hahah!


  8. You literally can’t escape valentines with a kid at daycare. If it is going to be a celebration I think it should be a romance thing, true love, not fake love! Anyway, what a cute card!!! And good luck with the GI doc!

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