Filling My Heart and Soul

I feel like I’ve barely done any work for the last few weeks – you know, that trip to Hawaii and that girls trip to NYC, then a few day long road trips for work and now a long weekend has sort of gotten in the way of work.  Between all of these things, I honestly haven’t sat at my computer for a day and just worked for over 3 weeks now!!

I feel drastically behind on a few projects.  And a weird combination of stress and excitment about some upcoming projects.

But, I also feel totally okay with being behind.  Which is odd for me.  I typically hate feeling like I’m behind and failing at any part of my life – balance is probably one of my biggest struggles in life these days.  Normally a lack of balance results in a massive amount of almost crippling guilt. But, right now, this lack of balance feels different.  Even though I know I have to play catch up with work and I know that wont be a tonne of fun, the lack of balance feels okay.

Honestly, I think I needed these few weeks to just be.  To just be with my family without the pressures of work tugging at Mr. MPB and I.  To play with Little MPB as our sole priority.  To focus on meaningful friendships.  To make meaningful memories to fill my heart and soul with love and happiness.

But here’s to returning to reality tomorrow, because the calendar is reminding me that my deadlines cannot be pushed off indefinitely.

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3 Comments on “Filling My Heart and Soul

  1. Balance is hard! But sometimes balance is about knowing what you need. You will probably do better work after having a break too.

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