Just Be

At one point in the last few days I started counting down the hours until everyone would be gone.  Then I started counting down the minutes.  It’s not that I don’t love our family, but it’s just been a bit too intense for a few too many days.

Needless to say, the last people were dropped off at the airport a few hours ago.

Which means the extended family has all left and our house, is our house again.

So, I am sitting at my desk and all I can hear is the sound of the keys pitter-pattering away.  Baby MPB is napping.  Mr. MPB is in the other room attempting to catch up on a bit of sleep.  The dog is sleeping on the ground right beside my desk.  I think even the house has let our a giant sigh of relief as we all seem to be enjoying the peace and quiet.

Mr. MPB and I should both be working right now, or at least cleaning up the remnants of the family tornado that went through our house in the last 12 days.  In fact, I am positive in a few days when we are back into the swing of work, we will both regret taking these relaxing moments.  But right now, these relaxing moments are exactly what we all need.

We need to let the dirty dishes sit a few minutes longer.

We need to not cook another meal for 10+ people tonight.

We need to not do another load of bedding or baby laundry just this second between naps and bedtimes.

We need to snuggle our little boy without prying hands.

We need to just be.

And, maybe tonight after Baby MPB is sound asleep, the adult MPB’s need to open that New Years Eve bottle of champagne that just didn’t happen on New Years Eve!

20140501 - Alcoholism and Miscarriage

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6 Comments on “Just Be

  1. I totally get this feeling. No matter how much you love or hate family, hosting that many people for that many days must have been intensely exhausting. Just travelling to family’s homes over the holidays had my wife and I flaked out on the couch first chance we got. Rest up! Enjoy the peace!

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  2. Welcome back to normalcy! You totally deserve those relaxing moments even if the daily grind is harder in the next few days! Hope you had a happy holiday despite the chaos!

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  3. Trust me, I know how overwhelming it can be when family visit for more than a day. Very awkward at times and sometimes it’s just super fun! I’m happy you’re back to relaxing a bit.

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  4. When there are many guests at the same time, does anyone offer help?
    Get the rest you need. Health comes first!


  5. I am totally here with you. As much as I love my family, I really let out a sigh of relief when they are gone. I feel my home and privacy invaded when there are lots of people around. And feel strangely at peace when only the three of us are there.

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