A Doggy Update

So, where are we on the doggy front?  Mr. MPB and I made a few agreements, which have resulted in a basic Plan A, B and C.

Plan A – Old English Sheepdog (OES).  We will find out in approximately 3 weeks if the mommy dog is pregnant.  If she’s pregnant, and there is a girl puppy available, we will adopt said girl puppy once she is old enough to come home with us.  The estimated arrival of puppies is Christmas 2017.  Ready to come a few months later.  (I’m once again waiting to find out about a pregnancy, the only difference is this time it’s a dog.  Honestly, I hate every email I get from the breeder about the status of the hopefully expecting mommy OES – it’s a lot of the same language as human fertility/reproduction and I seriously have flashbacks to our two week waits, the cycles that didn’t work, and pregnancy updates.  Another reminder that the pain of everything we’ve been through never really goes away).

Plan B – No OES because mommy dog is not pregnant or no girls are born.  OES’s are very hard to find in my part of the world for some reason, so we wont wait another year for one.  So, we will then wait for a Sheepadoodle from the breeder I met a few months ago.  That could happen anytime in the spring/summer/fall of 2018.

Plan C – No OES and no Sheepadoodle because we I are done waiting.  We will find another super kid friendly breed that is more readily available, probably some sort of goldendoodle or labradoodle.

And so there you have it.  We are getting another dog, on Mr. MPB’s timeline.  Mr. MPB has fully agreed that the earliest we will get a dog is the OES in February/March.  If that doesn’t work out, then we’ll move on to Plan B and eventually Plan C.

Regardless of Plan A, B or C, we have also decided that Little MPB will get to name his new friend.  I truly think our future little girl dog will be named Marshall, and it will drive me crazy for the rest of time.

And so, in just a few short months, we will once again get to experience the special connection and love shared with a dog.  And, Little MPB will have a fur sibling once again, which warms my heart just thinking about it.  I’m so excited!

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19 Comments on “A Doggy Update

  1. There is definitely something pretty neat about watching your child grow up with a dog they love. I think the bond can be strong between a toddler who grows up with the puppy. I hope the Old English Sheepdog works out. They are beautiful dogs and adorable puppies!

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  2. Awww, I love these plans, and I love that you are getting a new dog! I am so glad that you and Mr. MPB have come to an agreement — that must be a relief.

    Good luck with getting Little MPB to name the dog. My parents were going to let me name our dog when I was 7… I came up with just appalling choices for our male golden retriever (rainbow, moonlight…) and eventually my dad talked me around to something more boring but at least appropriate and the 5 millionth golden retriever named Sandy became our family pet. He was an awesome dog, even if he didn’t have an awesome name. 🙂 I hope Little MPB is better at naming than I am!

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    • We have actually considered them because they are supposed to be wonderful with kids and they are pretty darn cute. But they are smaller then we want, so for now we are sticking with the larger breed kid friendly dogs. 🙂

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  3. Yay!!! So exciting!! As the owner of three doodles – two labradoodles and one golden doodle…I can honestly say they are the very best breed. They have the very best natures, excellent health and they have always been amazing with my little nephews – even when the boys were little and not always gentle. I also know three OES who are all wonderful dogs …. so you really can’t lose with any of these choices! So happy for you and can’t wait to see puppy!!


  4. I’m glad you guys have been able to come to an agreement! I hope you don’t have to wait too terribly long to be able to bring a new furbaby into your home. And you never know, a few months is a long time in the mind of a toddler…he could be obsessed with any number of other names/characters between now and then!


  5. Awww.. I loved your post. I hope you are able to get your sheepdog puppy. This time last year we were waiting on the birth our our new Australian Labradoodle pup. I look forward to reading your updates.


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