A Few Realizations

Last weekend we met a new baby.  This baby belongs to very good friends of our who recently moved away.  This baby was also a very hard fought for little one.

Upon visiting with our friends I realized a few things:

  1. I really miss our friends.  Texting with them just isn’t the same as actually visiting with them.
  2. Their baby is absolutely precious.  And so tiny and so perfect.  And just all things sweet.
  3. Holding their baby while watching Baby MPB explore their house made me realize just how much Baby MPB has already grown up.  It was actually hard to believe that once upon a time Baby MPB was so fragile and so tiny.  I’ll admit, part of me misses the baby days.  But another part of me also loves that Baby MPB is thriving as he continues to grow.
  4. Baby stuff (i.e. bouncer, exersaucer, bathtub, etc.) takes up a tonne of space and I’m excited to have been able to pass on a bunch of Baby MPB’s stuff and free up space in our house!
  5. I think I have a special spot in my heart for hard fought for little ones.  I think the knowledge that someone has struggled to conceive and/or maintain pregnancies makes my heart melt in a different way.  Maybe it’s a shared connection that I feel with the mom?  Or maybe it’s just the knowledge that the baby could have almost not existed?  I don’t know, but I really do think I have a special spot in my heart for these babies and their parents.
  6. Our friends live in beautiful place. We need to visit them more often so that I can soak up the scenery.


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8 Comments on “A Few Realizations

  1. It is definitely easier for me to celebrate the birth of a baby when I know the mom has struggled with infertility or loss. Even though I am still in the midst of that struggle. And oh my that is a gorgeous landscape picture!

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  2. I think it’s the shared connection that with the mom: it must give a huge feeling of solidarity. I agree with Katy that it’s easier to celebrate the birth of a baby if the mother fought for it, for the same kind of reasons… I love the snowy picture

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  3. I think we all probably feel a bit more towards babies that we know were hard fought for. I still find myself feeling a little tiny bit resentful towards people who are able to just fall pregnant at the drop of a hat. I’m glad you had a great time with your friends. It’s sad when our good friends move away…seriously all of my good friends that I made here in this state since moving here, have since moved far away. Hopefully you’ll have more chances to go visit them!

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  4. Gorgeous scenery! I feel the same way when I visit my outta town friends and family! I agree with the instant bond with hard fought for babies! I’ve been friends with my neighbor for a long time long before he met his wife but me and her became good friends over our struggles to conceive we miscarried about 2 weeks apart and then got pregnant a couple months apart and she is due in a week now! Our struggles have formed a bond and a friendship.

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    • Yes, this is so true! If they had not moved our children would have grown up together and would have been good friends over the next few years. Now, sadly, they’ll be much more like relatives who only see each other a few times a year.


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