My Perfect Breakdown


Here’s the quick update/summary of what’s going on: The x-rays show that her intestines are squished into half the space they should be in.  There is a massive void in the other half of where they should extend through.  There is a small chance this void is the result of a naturally occurring small liver and the void is simply a large fatty deposit.  There is a very significant chance that this… Read More

The day we got our puppy, about 10lbs of pure love and fur, I was all smiles.  So was Mr. MPB. As we left the puppy foster home, we hopped into our vehicle.  Mr. MPB was driving.  I was hugging our adorable little puppy who was shaking uncontrollably. As I stared at our little furball, petting her and hoping she would calm down.  My only words: “Hun, if you don’t like her,… Read More