My Perfect Breakdown


I have another puppy update, and it’s one that I cannot believe I’m writing. We have been waiting for a Old English Sheepdog breeder to confirm a litter of puppies.  So far, they have had 2 dogs not get pregnant – I feel as though somehow the world is telling me not to expect a pregnancy to every work out for us – human pregnancy or dog pregnancy.  But alas, such is life… Read More

Recently friends stopped by late in the evening to pick something up.  They were here for all of 10 minutes. But, those 10 minutes, let me tell you, I felt all the feelings.  Their visit both made my day and completely shattered my heart. You see, they brought their puppy with them.  They have a Bernese Mountain Dog that is just 5 months old.  We adore Bernese Mountain Dogs, but we have always… Read More