My Perfect Breakdown


The not so good: Doodle MPB broke a nail. It’s bad so far as puppy nail breaks go. Bad enough that today Doodle MPB has to be sedated to fix it. Doodle MPB is probably going to end up with an infection, so she is preemptively going to start antibiotics. The good (kind-of): Our vet finally saw the real Doodle MPB this morning, not just a cute and adorable doodle. She saw… Read More

So, I’m back to one of my favourite topics – puppies. We are getting one for sure this spring! Little MPB is not allergic to dogs and my dog allergy isn’t bad enough to worry about, so the immunologist gave us the green light to get whatever dog we want. (More on our immunologist appointment later this week). So, moving forward on actually getting the puppy means we have some decisions to… Read More