Another Puppy Update

I have another puppy update, and it’s one that I cannot believe I’m writing.

We have been waiting for a Old English Sheepdog breeder to confirm a litter of puppies.  So far, they have had 2 dogs not get pregnant – I feel as though somehow the world is telling me not to expect a pregnancy to every work out for us – human pregnancy or dog pregnancy.  But alas, such is life and we are waiting for the 3rd dog attempt in February/March.  At the same time we’ve been in touch with Sheepadoodle breeder who is going to confirm if her dog is pregnant in a few weeks – we are currently first on the list for a black and white female sheepadoodle.  And we are talking with another Sheepadoodle breeder who is expecting a spring litter.  I think my preference is for an Old English Sheepdog, but Sheepadoodles are pretty darn cute too.

But right now it doesn’t matter.

All future dog talk is on hold.

There is a small suspicion that Little MPB may have a dog allergy.  Honestly, I don’t think he does, but there is enough of a suspicion from people in our lives that that I spoke with our pediatrician and explained how worried I am about bringing a new dog into our family to find out he has an allergy after the fact.  It would kill me to have to give away a dog, but I know that my son’s health comes first.  Of course, the pediatrician didn’t argue that fact.  But, she had a fantastic idea to have Little MPB allergy tested.  So, we are now waiting for an appointment with a pediatric allergist.  We are likely waiting for an appointment in 3 to 6 months, unless I can get us in sooner with a cancellation appointment.

My hope is clearly that he does not have a dog allergy.  But, I’m hoping worst case scenario the pediatric allergist would be okay with a doodle, which will hopefully be slightly hypoallergenic.

I’m totally devastated by this. But, I know with 100% certainty that this is the right call.

Mr. MPB is actually surprised I’m the one who has suggested we put a full stop on getting a new puppy until we know with certainty.

And, I’m actually kind of proud of myself for making this decision as a parent not as a puppy desperate person.  But I should probably admit part of me is doing this simply so I can prove I’m right and he doesn’t have a dog allergy.

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16 Comments on “Another Puppy Update

  1. What makes you think he has an allergy? Did he ever react to your precious dog? Our paediatrician said the best way to avoid allergies developing is exposure from birth so hopefully his early exposure has protected him and he’s just fine!

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    • Good question – I didn’t mean to leave out that piece of information. Sorry!
      He has had a little cough like sound essentially since he was born. Literally every single time we’ve been to a doctor we’ve had them check it out and every single time they say his chest is clear and it’s just his way to clearing his throat. In fact because I demanded it, his cough like thing is one of the reasons we got a referral to the pediatrician (it’s not normal to see a pediatrician here). Anyways, since he was 2 days old he’s been around dogs, so I truly don’t think it’s a dog allergy and even now without a dog for 5 months he still has his little cough like thing.
      So anyways, I really just don’t think it’s a dog allergy.


      • I agree! I hope when we see the pediatric allergist he will run a few different tests. I’ll definitely push for more tests.
        Because he has seen SO many different doctors in the USA when he was born and now back at home and they have all said the same thing, I really just don’t think it’s anything serious but it won’t hurt to see another specialist to get their opinion.


  2. At least with the testing you can be sure – if nothing else some children outgrow their allergies. My sister was allergic to dogs, but got a dog when she moved out. The breed plays a big role and also keeping the dog and house clean. But hopefully he will have zero allergies and you’ll be able to get the dog you want.

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    • That’s my thinking – at least we can have the test done and know foresure.
      I am like your sister – allergic to dogs, got a dog and have been just fine. So, I hope if nothing else we can get an allergy friendly dog for Little MPB. 🙂


  3. Although it’s a bummer to have to put off getting a puppy, I think it’s smart to rule out the possibility of a dog allergy for your son before you bring a new furry family member into your home. Oh, and FWIW, my husband and sister are both allergic to dogs and still manage to live with them with the help of medication. (Not necessarily recommending this for Little MPB, but it’s doable.)


  4. Well crap. I hope he doesn’t show up with any allergies at all! And hopefully the timing of the testing and getting one of those pups you’re on the list for will all work out perfectly for you. Fingers crossed for a cancellation so you can get him in sooner!


  5. Oh dear, I am hoping the results come back and he is dog allergy free! There seem to be many hypoallergenic breed options so there is some hope to have a furry friend even if he has the allergy.


  6. I have a dog allergy. When I moved out of my parent’s house that had a dog, I did see improvement. However, I now have a dog. I remember having a bit of an issue but then I adjusted. Now when I go to my mom’s, she has different dogs than when I lived with her, that are “hypoallergenic”…. but I can’t breathe out of my nose by the time I leave her house. So I’ve learned it’s a crapshoot no matter what. 😂

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