My Perfect Breakdown


Mr. MPB:  Baby MPB just rolled over!!  You’ve got to come see this. Me (walking into room): Bullsh*t!  I’m pretty sure babies under 2 months aren’t supposed roll over.  He’s too young.  You’re lying. Mr. MPB (re-positioning Baby MPB onto his tummy):  I’m not.  I swear, he really did just roll over! Baby MPB: rolling over again. Me:  He really did roll over!! Mr. MPB:  I told you, I wasn’t lying! Me:… Read More

Yesterday as I was sitting at my desk, shutting everything off for the night, I noticed I had a sniffle.  Then, a maybe 10 minutes later I started sneezing.  And just a few minutes later, I noticed swallowing was less then fun.  As I began making dinner I noticed my head started to feel full and heavy, as if the fog was settling over me.  And then, my eyes started watering and… Read More