An Evening in the MPB Household

Mr. MPB:  Baby MPB just rolled over!!  You’ve got to come see this.

Me (walking into room): Bullsh*t!  I’m pretty sure babies under 2 months aren’t supposed roll over.  He’s too young.  You’re lying.

Mr. MPB (re-positioning Baby MPB onto his tummy):  I’m not.  I swear, he really did just roll over!

Baby MPB: rolling over again.

Me:  He really did roll over!!

Mr. MPB:  I told you, I wasn’t lying!

Me: Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that was possible!  We should try to get this on video.

Mr. MPB:  Sure, pass me the camera….Something tells me he is going to be a handful!

Baby MPB: rolls over a few more times. Then goes to sleep.

I still cannot believe this is my life.  I’m in awe of this little guy every single day and just so thankful to have him in our lives.

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40 Comments on “An Evening in the MPB Household

  1. Wow! He’s a very advanced roller, that boy! I know what you mean about feeling so proud of every accomplishment, milestone and hell, even every smile. It’s a wonderful feeling!


  2. Wow! That is so advanced! What a special little guy. Glad you get to experience all this!


  3. Did he roll back to tummy, or tummy to back? This is HUGE in regards to sleep because of he’s going back to tummy, then he can reposition himself to his tummy if that’s how he prefers to sleep, which could mean more sleep for you! My pediatrician said that if they’re rolling themselves onto their tummies, just let them sleep, but always put them down on their backs and let them make the decision.

    My kids were late rollers… I was so concerned. No need – Matthew sat 100% at 4 months, crawled at 6 months, and walked unassisted at 11 months. Ha! The things we find to worry about!

    Early rollers are mobile much sooner, rolling all over the house to get what they want. Watch out, Dog, he’s coming for you soon!


    • He can do tummy to back both directions. He has not started the back to tummy yet, but I’m guessing that’s coming next?
      Yes, the dog better be prepared! I suspect Baby MPB will be moving a lot more in no time! 🙂

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  4. Isn’t it incredible to watch them learn about their bodies and the world!? I was an early roller too – on the changing table! Gave my mom palpitations, I’m sure!


  5. How awesome! Happened to us too at 3 weeks… It was crazy but it was a precurser on every physical milestone he had (he was sitting unassisted at 4 month!). Have fun and watch out 😉


    • I’m told the earlier they start rolling, the earlier they will start sitting and ultimately the earlier they will starting moving. I suspect, like you, we are going to have an active little guy!

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  6. Lol. Babies *arent* supposed to roll over unless they have complete head stability, but looks like we have a winner at the MPB household. Yay. Maybe he will walk at 9 months. Start baby proofing now.


  7. That’s freaking AMAZING. It took charlie MONTHS to figure out rolling over. In fact she was like a day “late” on that milestone because it happened at 4 months 1 day and I think 4 months is the “normal” cut off (though it’s all so subjective), and that was just belly to back-it took another bit for back to belly to kick in! Go Baby MPB (MPB Jr? lol)


    • I honestly don’t know milestones for anything since I’m yet to read a real book about parenting (I figure they will make me to anxious). But, I was pretty sure rolling over was at least another month or two away. All that said, I think you are right, it’s all subjective and there is no right or wrong!

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  8. It’s amazing watching them learn, isn’t it? I am constantly amazed by what their little bodies and brains can accomplish. One of my friends at work was telling me yesterday that her daughter started WALKING at 7 months. That’s just totally insane to me!


    • First, I had no idea a baby could walk at 7 months! Honestly, I’m a bit afraid Baby MPB might start walking early too, but I had been thinking early meant 9 or 10 months!! I’m sure I’ll be proud, but I’ll also be totally exhausted! 🙂
      And you are right, it’s absolutely amazing what these little ones do!


      • I had no idea a baby could walk at 7 mos, either. She has twins and she said her girl was really super tiny and she just up and started walking one day. She was telling me how they were at the airport when she was about 8 months old and everyone was pointing and staring at the tiny walking baby… I think I’d be staring too!

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  9. Hehe yay! I remember Monkey doing this and the. It stopped and I googled and it says something about a reflex in really young babies. You’d have to look it up as I don’t remember. My bub commando crawled from pretty much 6 mths in the dot though so if the two things are linked then you may indeed have an early crawler on your hands!!! Hehe Happy times 🙂


  10. Crosby rolled early and also was mobile at 6m and he’s starting to show interest in assisted walking 😳😳 hang in there momma- it FLIES by!


  11. Wow mine first rolled at three months and not again until 4 months! But my brother started walking at 7 months! Yikes!


  12. I’ve been absent in the blogging world for quite a while, but just spent some time catching up on your blog. I am beside myself with happiness for you that you finally have your little one! I have thought of you often and it really took my breath away to see that you were not only matched, but that by now your little baby is home with you and that you are a family of 3! I am looking forward to reading more about your life with baby, and as always send best wishes and big hugs. xoxo


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