Baby MPB’s First Meeting

We’ve been home for a little while now.  In that time we’ve been busy – community health nurse appointment, doctor appointments, weight checks, Provincial Health Care paperwork, post-placement home visits, visiting family and friends, etc.

And, all the while we’ve both been attempting to work.

Our frustrating reality, similar to many out there, is that we both have to work. We actually both were working while we were in the USA. We limited our work to the best of our ability, but on more than one occasion we were both responding to emails and taking calls from clients. In fact, I even wrote a few reports from hotel desks.

Our adoption bills continued to increase even while we were away. Money is unbelievably tight. And so work is a must if we want to dig ourselves out of the hole we are now in. And, as we decided not to put our lives on hold waiting for our adoption, we also have commitments which neither of us are prepared to break.

So, how are we doing it? Right now, we are simply juggling. As we both work from home, our two strategies are:

  • Baby MPB splits time between parents when one of us has to be at a meeting outside of the house (this happens multiple times a week). So one of us works, one of us actively parents and gets a bit of work done during naps.
  • Baby MPB has a pack and play and bouncer in our office, so we can both work when he decides to sleep and we simply alternate who feeds and changes diapers depending on the moment.

However, today our survival strategy failed us.  As today did not go as planned.

The plan was for Mr. MPB to take baby while I was at a meeting. Unfortunately, Mr. MPB had a last minute emergency meeting which could not be avoided. So, I was left with Baby MPB and a meeting at the same time.

So, what is this working mommy to do with her baby? Baby MPB went to his very first professional meeting. Yes, my infant joined me at a meeting.

Thankfully, the participants were approving and even offered to meet at my house so that I could make it work. And even more amazingly, baby MPB slept through the entire meeting in my arms.

But, needless to say, after today, we are waiving the white flag. Our strategy is not a long term strategy. And, even worse, it’s evident that it is not allowing us to be our best as either parents or professionals.

Something has to change.

Our search for a live-out, part-time nanny is now a top priority.

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16 Comments on “Baby MPB’s First Meeting

  1. You continue to amaze me. My brain was a ball of mush for 6 months- I cannot even imagine the mental stamina you have to have. Please know that what you are doing right now is super human. Hope you find a good nanny soon. It would be great if you could find someone who can do housework and or cook for you guys as well! Xo

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  2. I hope you can find a nanny quickly. You’re definitely burning the candle at both ends and an extra pair of hands occasionally will make a world of a difference for you!


  3. At least things ended up working out and everyone was understanding. Good luck finding someone fabulous to help take care of your little!!


  4. This is tough. I love how you’re making due, but you’re right…. Not sustainable. Good luck with the nanny hunt. You’ll find someone great!!!


  5. I am working full time still but I can’t imagine both of us trying to work from home with her! I do most of my work at night, Wednesday (yes I should be working now since D is off today) and the weekends. We are in the same boat, I need to keep working so I can keep getting paid and we can finish paying off IVF. Hopefully you will find a nanny soon!


  6. Being a working mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than everything I did to bring her into the world combined. Catch has 3 late work days in a row this week and C has been sleeping past the time she leaves for work in the morning, so for these 3 days, it’s unlikely that Catch will see Charlotte at all. It’s brutal. Having a nanny you love helps tremendously, though. Good luck with your nanny search!


  7. Is it wrong of me to be a bit jealous that your little guy got to go to work with mommy? I wish that I had an outside of the home job that I could take him with me to work. I think your plan sounded great with alternating parenting duties while the other works. Too bad it didn’t work out that great long term. Good luck with the nanny hunt.


  8. Chick has already attended his first meeting too! It was when he was sick and I was working from home. Thankfully, it was a video call, so I could mute it when he was getting rowdy, but the top of his tiny, fuzzy head kept bobbing into frame. (Note: Said meeting also took place on the kitchen floor because that was where he wanted to hang.)

    I do think the working world is a bit more accepting of babies being around. Since so many families are made up of two working parents, a lot of people have been where you’re at– childcare falls through, shit still needs to get done. Good on your clients for being part of the understanding set.

    Good luck finding that nanny!


  9. Aww you guys are so tough to make it this far the way you have juggling work and a newborn, go team MPB!!! Even baby MPB is playing the part by snoozing during He meeting!! I wish you lots of luck in finding the right part-time nanny, that in itself isn’t an easy thing not to mention everything else you guys are dealing with right now!! Hang in there hon, it sounds like you’re doing awesome!! 😊


  10. You guys are amazing, and baby MPB is so lucky to have you both home with him. I’m glad he made it through his first meeting (I tend to want to sleep through meetings as well, so I can relate). Good luck on your search! *hugs*


  11. It’s so hard without help. Luckily all of ours are of the age where they are in preschool, but even with that we have both missed so much work in the last month. Doctor’s appointments, case workers, one is sick then the other then me. A nanny sounds like a great idea! Good luck on the search.


  12. It must be stressful trying to juggle everything, but I just know that you guys will find a way to make it all work. Sending you good luck in your search for a nanny- hope you find the perfect match for your wonderful family, and one that will take Sadie on walks too!

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