My Perfect Breakdown


I have a new favourite activity – eavesdropping.  If I’m in different room of the house from Mr. MPB and Baby MPB, I find myself stopping whatever I’m doing to just listen to Mr. MPB playing with Baby MPB. I hear silly voices, cute comments and adorable baby sounds.  I hear laughter.  I hear pure love. And as I listen, I cannot help but think about how right this is.  All of… Read More

With adoption it’s not quite like you come home from the hospital and life moves on with a new tiny life. Yes, that’s clearly a big part of it and that’s awesome and amazing.  BUT, we do have adoption specific things that must be done in the coming months: Step 1. Post Placement Home Visits.  These will be done at per-arranged times during the first 6 months of Baby MPB’s life.  In… Read More