My Perfect Breakdown


It is 2:44am. I am wide awake and have been since 11:03pm. Guess what woke me up at 11:03? Yes that’s right multiple rapid fire texts coming through my phone from a bank scam (the quantity of texts made me worry something was wrong with someone I know and love). I dislike scams to begin with, but when they cost me a night’s sleep, I hate them even more). And now I’m… Read More

I knew November was going to be rough.  And, while I’ve made it half way through the month I’m am officially waiving my white flag and just hoping we get through the next month. It would probably help if I could sleep at night, like a normal person. It would probably also help if Little MPB wasn’t catching every single germ on the planet this month.  Everyone told me the first autumn/winter… Read More