Half Way To My Sanity Returning

I knew November was going to be rough.  And, while I’ve made it half way through the month I’m am officially waiving my white flag and just hoping we get through the next month.

It would probably help if I could sleep at night, like a normal person.

It would probably also help if Little MPB wasn’t catching every single germ on the planet this month.  Everyone told me the first autumn/winter at daycare would be the hardest, and guess what, they were right!  I’m finally feeling better thanks to my antibiotics.  But, Little MPB, not so much.  He’s not sick enough for any antibiotics, but he’s been sick for almost a month straight.  That’s a full month of endless coughing and snot.  How can a 25lb toddler produce this much snot?!!  And since when did I add snot cleaning to my hourly to-do list?  The doctor has given him an inhaler to try before bed to see if it helps him cough less at night, but it’s more about comfort then anything else.  And it will do absolutely nothing for the copious amount of snot.  So frustrating.  

But, the good news is, we are half way through the 6 weeks of crazy.  Just 3 more weeks….

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6 Comments on “Half Way To My Sanity Returning

  1. Ugh, I remember the illnesses during the first year or so of daycare — just awful, both for the kids and their moms. Hope you get through the next 3 weeks with your sanity intact. πŸ˜‰

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    • Daycare literally just sent out a notice that HFM has been confirmed in the centre. So at least now I know what to expect later this week – clearly I’m looking for the positive here. πŸ˜‚


  2. As you know from Instagram, I’m totally with you as we suffer through the months of snot and coughing. When will it end???? I really hope little MPB doesn’t get HFM… maybe he has built up some immunity with all of the bugs he has dealt with recently, or maybe the daycare centre has taken proper precautions to disinfect after finding one kid with it…


    • Our daycare is pretty good at disinfecting so I’m hoping HFM won’t spread like crazy. But the one thing I know is that fall is the hardest daycare season, and the first one is always the worst. So something tells me we are both in for a few more months of this….

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