My Perfect Breakdown


It is 2:44am. I am wide awake and have been since 11:03pm. Guess what woke me up at 11:03? Yes that’s right multiple rapid fire texts coming through my phone from a bank scam (the quantity of texts made me worry something was wrong with someone I know and love). I dislike scams to begin with, but when they cost me a night’s sleep, I hate them even more). And now I’m… Read More

So, we went to a couples counselling appointment the other day. Usually these are pretty good for us.  In fact, we often have fun at them.  (I know, who says that?!)  Seriously though, usually we just talk about stuff together and with our counsellor. Sometimes it’s family related, sometimes its work related, and other times its about our adoption or our dead babies.  You know, the big stuff in life and sometimes… Read More