Sleep, How I Miss You

I had no idea I could be so tired that I feel legitimately drunk.  Maybe I felt this way when Little MPB was just Baby MPB and we were living in a hotel and I just don’t remember that feeling anymore?  I’m not sure, but I know, that’s exactly how I feel right now.  And, it feels like a new experience to me.  And not one I’m enjoying as I try to meet a critical deadline for a work project while keeping our house functioning.

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When it comes to teething sleep problems, I feel like a broken record at this point.

For me, this week just seems to be a worse version of my normal sleep problems.  Little MPB wakes up screaming in pain which is definitely associated with pain.  So, after we get some Baby Tylenol and/or Baby Advil into Little MPB, Mr. MPB goes straight back to sleep.  And Little MPB goes back to sleep in 20-30 minutes, once the pain medication kicks in.  But me, I’m just wide awake.  Normally I can fall back asleep after a few hours of being wide awake.  But this week, not so much.  My days are just starting at 3 am.  Which does not make for a happy Mrs. MPB.  Which means I’m now petrified of getting sick again, because I seem to live within this vicious circle.

But I will admit, I’m not the only struggling this week.  Mr. MPB is also having a rough time, which is a bit atypical as he can sleep through almost anything.  Last night at 3am while walking through the house in the dark, he forgot about the recently proactively installed baby gate at the top of the stairs.  He walked straight into it, collapsing the gate and destroying his body in the process.  Needless to say, the crash was followed with a few expletives.  Thankfully we installed it a few feet from the start of the stairs so he didn’t fall backwards down the stairs, because that would have been catastrophically worse.  And then, even though it wasn’t reinstalled and was just leaning against a wall, I managed to do the exact same thing a few hours later.  Needless to say two of my toes are now screaming in pain.  

Please 16th tooth, come through already!  I’m afraid Mr. MPB and I wont survive another week like this!

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14 Comments on “Sleep, How I Miss You

  1. I feel your pain sister. I do. This teething business is no joke and it is hell. I wish I had words to help but alas I don’t.


  2. Ugh I felt this way Tuesday when C had been up half the night with a belly ache! Last night it took her forever to fall into a good sleep because she’s completely congested from teething. This parenting thing is definitely not for the weak some days!! Hang in there, hope you all get some sleep soon.


  3. Oh, I remember these days. My eldest didn’t sleep well for eight months–and I felt like a crazy woman. Wishing you sleep–soon!


  4. Honestly, your title made me laugh. Not at you but with you. Sleep deprivation plus mommy plus career plus wife isn’t for chumps. We all get through it and you will too 💜 it just really sucks when you’re in it!

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  5. How quickly you forget those sleepless nights – after they start sleeping longer it seems that much harder when they start getting up during the night again. And then you are worried they will be up again making it that much harder to fall back to sleep.

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  6. I’ve had insomnia since I was little and I know that “drunk” feeling well. In fact, my insomnia has been acting up lately andy allergies right along with it. Last night, I was a zombie as I grocery shopped with Michael. May we both get good sleep soon!

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  7. The lack of sleep part of parenting is the worst! Sometimes, when teething, our girl will be wide awake for 2+hours in the middle of the night. I hate teething! Good luck to you guys!

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