The most amazing first happened this week.

Daycare sent home art-work completed by Little MPB.  It truly made my heart skip a beat when Mr. MPB brought Little MPB and the artwork home.

For some reason I simply wasn’t expecting art-work to be sent home at this age.

I have no idea why, but this first nearly had me crying happy tears.


Then, Mr. MPB and I decided we have to figure out where to put his art work, because clearly it’s going to be displayed somewhere!  Our stainless steel fridge is not magnetic, so we cannot put it on the fridge door like our parents did with our art work.

Ultimately, we decided that his artwork will be displayed proudly on my wine cork board which is on the wall in our kitchen.

And, I wont lie, I am in awe of how this demonstrates the juxtaposition between life before Little MPB and life with Little MPB.  I used to have time to make a real wine cork board as something nice to put on the wall.  Now, that decorative cork board will be slowly marked-up with a thousand little tiny push pins because it has a convenient purpose as a spot to hang up art-work.  (I also find it a tad funny that I’m hanging my child’s artwork on a wine cork board).

I have to say, I love the busy chaotic life that we now lead thanks to Little MPB!  And I absolutely love that our house is now clearly now the home I dreamt of for years – one that is filled with laughter and love, plastic toys everywhere and finger paintings on the wall.  Our house is literally punctuated with spots of bright colours, which is truly a dream come true.

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4 Comments on “Juxtaposition

  1. Get used to the artwork mom! We get a ton from daycare. We keep our favorites to put away for her someday and mail the rest to grandparents. It’s a great feeling to see. 🙂

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