My Perfect Breakdown


The most amazing first happened this week. Daycare sent home art-work completed by Little MPB.  It truly made my heart skip a beat when Mr. MPB brought Little MPB and the artwork home. For some reason I simply wasn’t expecting art-work to be sent home at this age. I have no idea why, but this first nearly had me crying happy tears. . Then, Mr. MPB and I decided we have to figure out where… Read More

There are a few things that I’ve always dreamed about doing with our child: Swimming.  I have these adorable thoughts of taking an infant swimming.  Well, with all the nanny chaos of the last month I delayed registering and now all the summer classes are full.  When we discovered this, I threw my very own two-year old kind of temper tantrum that resulted in me saying to Mr. MPB I know this… Read More