My Perfect Breakdown


I had no idea I could be so tired that I feel legitimately drunk.  Maybe I felt this way when Little MPB was just Baby MPB and we were living in a hotel and I just don’t remember that feeling anymore?  I’m not sure, but I know, that’s exactly how I feel right now.  And, it feels like a new experience to me.  And not one I’m enjoying as I try to meet a critical… Read More

Maybe we have this all wrong?  Maybe Baby MPB’s recent horrible night time screaming isn’t the result of teething pain?  Maybe, he’s just thirsty? After an absolutely horrible scream fest in which Baby MPB was completely inconsolable from 12am-2am, we finally got him back to sleep last night and he slept until 6:45am without any pain relief.  We did it with just with a sip of water. We live in a really… Read More