The Grouchies

It’s one of those days.  A day where I cannot help but think.  And thinking is almost always a dangerous activity in my world.

I wonder what it would be like to have my mom at my side as I learn to be a mom?

I wonder what it would be like to feel ahead of the game for even a single moment, rather then constantly playing catch up.

I wonder why there is so much hate in the world? And I wonder when/if human kind will ever get it together and truly learn to love and accept one another? I am at a loss.

I wonder why do some of my best friends have to live on the other side of the world? And why are so many of my in-person friends moving away?

I wonder what it would be like to pick up the phone and chat with my sister.

I wonder when life will feel calm again, when we will find our groove again?  On what planet was it a smart decision to have major surgery with an infant to care for?

I wonder if I’ll ever go on a date with just my husband again?

I wonder if I will ever be able to find my desk under the mountain of paperwork that has taken over my office?  Who has time for filing!?

I wonder why teething has to be so miserable for babies (and therefore their parents)?


Really, I’m just grouchy today.  And, I find when I’m grouchy, all the crap stuff raises to the surface.

And while I know I should focus on the good, the happy and the things that make life great (i.e. Baby MPB).  But, honestly, today I just don’t want to pull sunshine out of my ass.  Today I want to sulk.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.  But for now I’m going to sit in my grouchies and let life be what it will be.

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12 Comments on “The Grouchies

  1. We all have days like this. Mine came about two weeks ago. And while it’s not fun to have the grouchies they will go away. Is baby MPB teething? I think Luke is too. Drool, everything in the mouth, constantly running his tongue over his gums, super clinging….I’ve heard the process can take months. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day!


  2. Sulk away my friend. Lord knows you have earned it. It is so hard with a newborn and to add all of that on top of it must be overwhelming. I wish so badly you could call your Mom and sister. I think you are so very brave to keep living so valiantly and fully in their honor. Hugs to you. I know you and I know tomorrow will be better. Plus- I can assure you teething is temporary and after teething comes a whole new cute phase! Xo

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  3. I can’t answer the majority of those questions but I can help with the teething issue! Go to GNC and grab a bottle of clove oil. Mix 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with just 2 drops of the clove oil and use to apply to gums with a q-tip as needed.

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  4. Aawww. We all have bad days, want to feel better and not alone? Why do the damn 2 year molars have to come at the same time 5 month old is teething?
    Why do kids want to eat cookies as mid night snack and scream for one so bad that we cave in , in the fear te neighbours will call the cops?
    When will I get a minute to poo in peace? How is it that both kids need me at yhe same time? Why cant they take turns?
    Who told my 2 year old an alligator ate a baby in disney land?
    Why cant someone even unload the dishwasher.
    I am alwaya doing laundry 😦 i m soo tired.

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  5. I feel like if I don’t allow myself time to wallow then all that negativity seeps in a little bit everyday. I prefer it all at once and to just get over it. We all have those days. I feel ya with the kids though, I like to wallow in peace. Kids have other ideas. We used Hylands teething tablets and they worked like a charm for both my kids.

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  6. OMG…the fact that you just said you don’t want to pull sunshine out of your ass made my day!! I’ve felt like that today, too…and the fact that two people at work were so miserable and rude and pushed every button I have before I had been there even 30 minutes made it so much worse. It’s okay to have one of those crabby days, you don’t have to try to be happy all the time. I do hope that tomorrow will be a bit better for you! *hugs*

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  7. Some days you just have to sulk, to think of all the worries and concerns you have! Then, tomorrow, Baby MPB will smile at you or look incredibly cute. Mr MPB will say something sweet and the sulk will whittle away.

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  8. Some days are made for sulking! I’m actually a bit grumpy today too. I think the sleep deprivation is starting to kick in! Hope there is more sunshine for you tomorrow x

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  9. I’m so sorry you don’t have your mom with you to be by your side as you mom, it must be so hard 🙁

    grouchie is definitely OK sometimes…here’s a virtual hug for you to help you de-grouch 😊

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