Cure for the Grouchies

There is no better cure for the grouchies then to realize it’s Friday of a weekend that involves no work.   In fact, at 4 pm today I plan to turn off my computer and walk away from it for the weekend.

Mr. MPB will be doing some work, but not me.  So, this weekend is all about Baby MPB and I.  And, I’m pretty darn excited for a few days of just Baby and me time.

After the last few weeks where I’ve essentially been unable to care for Baby MPB on my own because I was unable to lift him and/or feed him, I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to be able to hang out just the two of us.  I’ve been lifting him for a few days now and I started feeding the little guy again exactly 2 weeks after my surgery and so far he has not managed to hurt me.  (Truth be told, I am still petrified of being wiggle-kicked so I have learned to feed him with his head against my chest and his legs facing out so that he cannot kick me when he wiggles).

Anyways, now that it can be just mommy and baby, I’m thinking this weekend should be filled with lots of fun mommy and baby activities.  Maybe it’s time for his first ride on a swing (on mommy’s lap of course).  And maybe a walk by the river, because nature always makes me happy and seems to have the same impact on Baby MPB too.

And I guess we should probably celebrate father’s day too.  I’m hoping we can manage a little family hike in the mountains but that will depend on Mr. MPB’s work and the weather.


As an aside, when the tape came off the last of my incision lines, we noticed a concerning spot.  So yesterday off I went for a quick check up with my plastic surgeon.  I’m told all is good and the spot will probably just heal a bit slower then everywhere else.  I’m told if I feel up to it, I can even try running (slowly) next week if I have a really good sports bra. To which I almost laughed out-loud, who does he think I am – some sort of real runner like Courtney?  Ya right, at best I am a slow jogger.

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6 Comments on “Cure for the Grouchies

  1. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend together, and that Mr finds some time to get away from work for Father’s Day!! So happy that you’re able to lift and take care of baby again. So exciting!!


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