Having a Child is Emotional!!

If nothing else, the last few days/weeks, have taught me that having a child is an emotional experience.  (As if somehow I wasn’t already aware of this?)

Photo Source: Office.com Clip Art

Photo Source: Office.com Clip Art

For the first time ever we really thought our child was a real possibility.  Then, once again, we thought the future we had been dreaming about was vanishing before our eyes.  And now, we are back to cautious optimism.  (I came to loath the term cautious optimism whenever we were pregnant our doctors seemed to love the term cautious optimism).  Honestly, it’s been an emotional rollarcoaster!

And yet, this time, we have to proceed with real tangible steps.  This time, we cannot lock ourselves in our house and calculate each next step, hoping it will be good, but planning for the worst.

This time, we have to face reality and we have to do so at least somewhat publicly as our ability to become parents includes people outside of our marriage.  (That said, we still have not told any family about our adoption match and pending travel plans).

Our dog sitters are arranged.  Our back-up dog sitters are on-call.  And, the back-up to the back-up are also ready.

Our house sitters have been notified and are ready.

Our potential birth mom is waiting to meet us in person.

We have booked our flights.  We have continued to pay massive bills.  Our rental car is secured.  Our hotel chosen.

We have no idea what will happen, but we know this time we cannot hide from the possibilities.  This time, we will be facing whatever comes at us with our closest friends by our sides.

And so today, all I can say is here’s to hoping we come home with our little baby and not broken hearts.

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41 Comments on “Having a Child is Emotional!!

  1. I’m so excited to read your updates! I know it has been a rocky week but there are so many positive things to look forward to! Keep your eyes on the end goal and everything else will fall into place. Best of luck in these upcoming weeks to you and your growing family!!! What an exciting time!

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  2. I got chills reading this! So so so close to achieving your dream… I can almost taste it for you!

    You are a terrific planner and it sounds like you are ready to go! Did she end up scheduling an induction? My sister is being induced Monday!!! It’s so nice knowing the day (both of my boys were scheduled c-sections that were booked long before their due dates). Knowing the day helps maintain the calm!

    You’re going to be coming home as a complete family. The only one in your house who may have a broken heart is Dog. 😉

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  3. Flights booked! Hotels and rental cars! Wow! This is real! Your baby is just cooking for his last few days, ready and waiting to meet you. I am so hoping that everything goes smoothly from here on out — what a roller coaster indeed. Can’t wait for your family to grow, very very soon!

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  4. Ah! I clicked to comment on my phone and then it clicked unfollow and so I had to quickly refollow….eeek! Just too excited for you!!!! My phone is going nuts! Ha! This is all happening and I cannot wait to finally see a perfect ending and you finally holding your baby! Lots of love as always!!! 💖😘 xo


  5. Such an emotional roller coaster!! This is good preparation for the ride of your lives with child-rearing😉 I am praying for God’s hand all over each detail of your situation and that you will be blessed beyond measure. I’m beyond excited for you friend, thanks for sharing all of this with us!!!💗💗💗

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  6. Woohoo!!! When do you leave? I’ve been thinking of you so much lately and feeling very excited for you. The emotion of holding your child for the first time will be incredible, and I can’t wait to hear all about it. (Cautious optimism here, but very hopeful for you!).

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  7. I’m still nervous, but I’m also incredibly excited for you! I’m sure you’re feeling emotions about a billion times more complex than that. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed! *hugs*

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  8. Thinking of you and hoping that we get to here all the good news soon. Remember to keep hoping too, hope gives us strength!

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  9. What a whirlwind this has been. I’m so glad everything is working out and you are able to take steps forward again. I’m hoping and praying everything is going to work out perfectly from here on out. Also, I’m stalking your page daily waiting for the big news that baby MPB has arrived. ❤ XOXO

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  10. Oh my gosh this sounds so nerve-wracking. I can understand why you’re cautious even to be cautiously optimistic. Be strong, go for it as you’re doing, and hopefully soon you’ll get to enjoy it!

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  11. I feel like I’m getting ready to go and meet this baby. So beyond excited for you. I can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby boy (because you will be returning with him 😊).

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  12. What wonderful news!! Please know that despite my absence, I’ve been keeping up from afar. May your trip be blessed, dear one, and may you come Home–your precious little one in tow.

    With heart,

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  13. I have been meaning to comment all week. I broke down and bawled when I read your posts earlier in the week and I am just so relieved and happy things are back on track. Having a child sure is emotional but I am hoping that in the coming days, weeks and years, most of the bad emotions are out of the way. This is your baby. I just know it. Please keep updating. I’ve been terrible at commenting (life has been crazy) but I’m reading and I’m praying and rooting for you bad!

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  14. I have everything crossed for you and will say lots of prayers that you will be brining your baby home. I am now just catching up on my blog readings and I am so sorry that you have been on a roller coaster ride once again, but I am so thrilled that things are looking up for you. xo

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  15. I’ve been out of circulation for a while and just stopped by to catch up on your news and … oh WOW! It’s actually happening! Dear MPB, I know it’s not totally buttoned up and certain yet, but I’m still so very glad for you, and looking forward to hearing the happiest of news from you very soon.

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