My Perfect Breakdown


As Mr. MPB have been spending our evenings discussing everything I’ve been writing about, as if in some ways re-hashing all the crazy we endured – the lies, the ever increasing fees, the threat of taking Little MPB away, disrespect for Little MPB’s birth mom, etc.  And of course, Mr. MPB pointed out another part that I should share.  So, here is part 5. . We are Canadians.  Our medical system is… Read More

Today is my third post on the worst experiences of our USA adoption.  As I was writing I realized I needed to split this into two parts.  So, now there will be 4 parts, not 3 and tomorrow’s post is directly linked to days post.  You can read the first post here and the second one here. . While we were in the USA, we had to change states before we could… Read More