My Perfect Breakdown


I finally have an appointment with my counselor.  And I started to think about what I really want to talk to her about, and my list of stressors seems a tad bit out of control: Baby MPB’s birth-mother disappearing, while pregnant.  I know she may just need her space, but this is very much unlike her and I’m sick with worry. My inability to sleep through the night.  It’s increasingly becoming a… Read More

So, I was pretty sick for about 10 days.  It wasn’t fun.  And, I was pretty much useless when it came to taking care of Baby MPB, which meant Mr. MPB did basically all the night feedings and almost all baby things when our nanny wasn’t working.  It was clearly not even close to a fair share of responsibilities, but asides from Mr. MPB being exhausted, he didn’t complain much.  And honestly,… Read More