My Perfect Breakdown


Little MPB is a pretty decent sleeper.  So every single night he goes to bed at about 7pm, and 96.4% of the time he is asleep by 7:05pm.  This means, the Adult MPB’s spend our evenings at home watching TV, reading news on our phones, playing games on our phones and generally just being exhausted. But this weekend Mr. MPB went away for an annual guys camping trip. Which meant, after a fun… Read More

One day my life changed. That day will forever be know as The Accident or The Car Accident.  Living members of my family, myself included, uses both terms interchangeably.  But it is always one of those two terms.  Always. There are three time frames in my life: Before The Accident. The Accident. After The Accident. No matter how you look at it, much of my life has been defined by The Accident…. Read More