My Perfect Breakdown


As a parent, I think by now I should know to expect the unexpected… This week, was supposed to be a typical pre-Christmas week.  Meaning, work Monday through Friday while Little MPB would be at daycare.  But, no over-time as I don’t have any deadlines until January.  Wrap presents in the evening, after Little MPB goes to bed.  Eat home cooked meals.  Enjoy the odd glass of wine and/or Candy Cane Martini. … Read More

It’s been a while, so I think it’s time for another Doodle MPB update. Much to my surprise, after truly hitting my breaking point last month, she is still part of our family. The biggest change has been that I’ve backed off on being the only adult in our house who is caring for Doodle MPB.  In fact, I’ve refused to keep doing solo walks with her, which is probably the biggest/only… Read More