My Perfect Breakdown


Since today marks 2 weeks since Doodle MPB went to a 2 week Puppy Boot Camp, I think today marks a great day to discuss Doodle MPB. We’ve been having more and more visits in the last week to start the transition process of bringing her back home.  Which means training Mr. MPB and I on all the things she’s been learning. With this visits we’ve been able to see that she… Read More

Earlier this week we dropped Doodle MPB off for her training boot camp. Since then, Little MPB asks Where is Doodle MPB?? multiple times a day. Little MPB adores his puppy, so I knew he’d miss his puppy.  This is not a surprise to me.  But answering the question every time he comes into the kitchen is a bit more then I expected.  Literally it the first thing he asks when we come… Read More