My Perfect Breakdown


It’s been a few weeks since I updated the world on my biggest mistake in the last few years – bringing a puppy into our family with a 2 year old.  Honest to god, what was I thinking??  And why was I so stubborn in not listening to everyone who told me not to get a puppy with a 2 year old?? . Doodle MPB is now 6 months old.  She was spayed,… Read More

About 10 days ago Doodle MPB returned home from her extended Puppy Boot Camp. I chose not to write about her return as I was truthfully afraid to jinx a good thing.  You see, she came home and seemed to have such better behaviour and, I feared that it wouldn’t last and she’d just revert to her old ways. But after 10 days back home, here’s what I have to say: She’s still… Read More