I’ve had an unbelievably hard week. The kind of week that has made me question a lot of things in my life and has probably aged me by at least a few years. But, it’s also the kind of week that brings out my determination, perseverance and quite frankly my bear claws.  I will fight this fire with fire of my own, because I have no choice.

I cannot go into details on what’s happening right now, but what I will say is that I need to focus on a few positive things in my life. I need to be reminded of why I lead the life I do, and why I will continue to. So today, I’m going to write down as many things as I can think of to be grateful for:

  • Little MPB – obviously.
  • Mr. MPB – another obvious.
  • A few specific family members who have come through for me this week. Something I used to not realize was obvious, but now I’m starting to learn that it is.
  • My health. At the moment I have no stomach problems. Interestingly, I suspect what’s going on is going to result in a recurrence of my stomach problems simply due to stress.
  • A bag of macadamia nuts from our Hawaii trip that is sitting on my desk. I opened them a few weeks ago and have been making them last as long as possible – I love these things so much it’s a good thing I cannot easily buy another bag!
  • My car is fixed, and it was much cheaper then expected.
  • My husband is making an effort to help me build custom shelving in my laundry room to make a more functional space, as we have never spent the time or money to make it functional. The laundry room is actually a closet in a bathroom so organization is critical. As I’m the one who does all the laundry and therefore am the only one who hates the space, I’m very excited that he’s agreed to help me fix it. (As an aside, does anyone else’s energy efficient dryer take forever to dry clothing?)
  • We had two nice days in a row and some snow actually melted. Maybe spring is actually on the way? (Scratch that, I just looked outside and see fresh snow, and according to the forecast we are under another snowfall warning with 20cm/8in by tomorrow).

I planned to take 2 minutes to write everything I could think of. I took 10 minutes, and I’m actually sad that I could only think of 8 things – which is very much a sign of how much I’m focusing on the horribleness. But alas, this is better then nothing and it will have to do for today.

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12 Comments on “Grateful

  1. The good things will come to you as your day carries on. 🙂

    And YES to the energy efficient dryer taking forever to dry clothes. I can have a load washed in 45 minutes but then it takes 1hr 35 mins to do a standard load in the dryer. And often the load isn’t even dry after that amount of time. We were given the dryer for free to trial for a company that my husband buys all of his appliances from for his buildings and we cannot WAIT to leave it at our sold house for the new owners and go back to a less energy efficient dryer without all the gidgets and gadgets that this one they wanted us to trial has.

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    • Yes! I was about to make Mr. MPB rip apart our wall to try to fix our dryer problems, but it seems like it’s just standard and not an actual problem with our venting. Arg! So annoying!
      And good things had better come…gosh, I need something positive right now….
      Also, I sent you an IG message.


  2. Yes, our energy efficient dryer is slow as well, but I think it’s because our washer and dryer both have really high load capacities. I can fit about 2x as many clothes into the washer/dryer than the one at our old apartment building, but now it takes about 1.5-2x as long to dry. Seems fair to me!

    And just wanted to add that one thing I’m grateful for is your blog! 🙂


  3. I’m so sorry you’re having a rough week. It’s great that you take the time to remember the good stuff though. And yes on the dryer, and the high efficiency washer too! It generally takes an hour in each, which makes doing laundry take FOREVER!! Plus I dry baby clothes on delicate so they don’t shrink, so I usually have to run them through twice. You’d think high efficiency would take less time!!


  4. This week may be hard, but the easy weeks are just around the corner. If you need anything, even just to vent feel free to send me a message. I’m always here to lend an ear or a hand if I can


    • I refuse to hear any sort of complaining about a never ending summer. 😂. Seriously though, I seriously don’t know why I live here considering how much I despise the cold in a normal year.


  5. I am sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. The only
    Positive I can think off with your stress inducjng stomach problema is that, this time, you have the direct number of a specialist to help you. So maybe finding the answer to your stomach issue may be the silver lining?


  6. Sending positive support your way. Glad Mr. and Mini are not the problems. Absorb their loves and our support!

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  7. It’s so hard to think positively when you have so many other forces pulling you down – I think you did great to list these 8. I hope that the stomach problems stay away. Stress is a bitch to the body. Wishing some happy times are there waiting for you soon!


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