Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

I thought I should end this week on a more humorous note, so I thought I’d share a short story today.


There once was a mommy and a little boy.

The mommy grew up swimming with her sister, and loved the pool.  And, so mommy always dreamed of the day she could take her child swimming.  And, when that child finally arrived, after years of struggle, she couldn’t believe her luck – baby boy loves the water!  Swimming was definitely going to be part of their shared future.

The mommy and the little boy did parent and tot swim classes while the little boy was just a little baby.  The little baby boy loved splashing and playing.  The mommy, loved their special time together.

After a break from organized classes, the mommy decided it was time to go back to organized swim classes.  She excitedly registered for class once a week.

Knowing that the baby boy is now a much more active toddler boy, the mommy bought a new swimsuit specifically intended to be toddler boy proof.

With much delight mommy and toddler boy headed to the new YMCA for classes.

Toddler boy was so excited.  He could barely contain his happiness.

Mommy, she loved his smiles, his giggles and even his splashing.

But toddler boy has developed an independent streak and a mind of his own.  So, he decided he wanted to swim all by himself.

Now, mommy knows better.  Toddler boy doesn’t understand, but he’d sink like a rock because he has no idea how to actually swim and the water was much too deep.  So mommy refused to let him go.

Toddler boy was unhappy about this and decided to use his feet to push away from mommy.  His feet fit perfectly into the top of mommy’s swimsuit top.  And, as much as he wanted to swim on his own, he got really upset at this because he did not like having his foot caught in mommy’s top.  So, as quick as could be, he pulled his foot out…..dragging mommy’s top with him.

Thanks to toddler boy, mommy was now in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction right in the middle of the children’s pool for the entire YMCA to see.

Of course, she cannot just stop and fix her top, because toddler boy is still bound and determined to start swimming on his own.

So, mommy is forced to continue wrangling a wet and slippery toddler boy while all the other swimmers and audience members got to see way more of mommy then they ever needed (or wanted) to.

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14 Comments on “Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

  1. hahahaha.. My my..

    (Point to self) : buy swimsuit that zippers all the way to the neck.. heading to walmart now.

    How are you doing? Been thinking of you and your procedures today. Take Care!


  2. hahaha this is hilarious! you were probably the talk of the town after that! when I take my 2 year old swimming i wear a u-necked Speedo one piece bathing suit. No way can any malfunctions happen in that. I keep my trendier, cleavage displaying one piece suits for the beach or the rare occasion I’m in water without H. Fashion over function got checked at the door shortly after having a close call situation similar to yours!


  3. Hahaha thanks for the laughs! This has never happened to me but my son once pressured me to jump head first from 5meter while I was wearing a bikini…and my bottom part fell off when I hit the water. Thankfully I was able to wrangle it back underwater but, really awkward.


  4. 😂 note to self – wear my lap swimming one piece when swimming with children. Thanks for the laugh, hope everything went well with your procedures.


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