Safety & Fun Toddler Extra-Curricular Activities

What is a parent to do when they have a fearless (and slightly stupid) climber on their hands?

We registered our little climber for toddler gymnastics!  Starting this weekend, he will have 45 minutes per week from now until Christmas to climb to his heart’s content.  And in that 45 minutes he will also develop skills and confidence.  And with skill and confidence will hopefully come safer climbing.

Now, I should have thought to do this a few months ago when the real gymnastics clubs opened their fall registration.  But, clearly I didn’t.  Needless to say, by the time I thought to do this, they were all full.

But, after searching every possible option, I discovered a class with 1 open spot left.  It’s at a community recreation centre just minutes from our house – it’s so close we could even walk there on a warm fall day.  The class is specifically for children under 2 years old.  It’s held in a multi-purpose gymnasium, so maybe it wont be as “good” as a real gymnastics club which is permanently set up specifically for gymnastics.  But, the way I figure it, he’s not even 2 years old – he’ll have no idea how this one compares with other locations.  In fact, at his age, he’s just going to love being able to climb, he presumably wont even think about other possible places to play.  So, I think this is a perfect win.

I also discovered I missed swimming registration…again.  Ops!  When it comes to water, Little MPB loves it.  And he has absolutely no fear of water – to the point of being very worrisome given his age and skill level (or lack there of).  In fact, he loves the water so much we joke that he must be part fish.  As far as I’m concerned, swimming is a basic life-safety skill, so I was determined to find him a swimming class for the fall.  Needless to say, I managed to find an evening class with a spot left, at a location with a heated baby pool.  The class starts at 5:30 so it’s going to be a rush to get him home, fed and in bed by 7pm, but we’ll make it work somehow.  So, once again, I got lucky.

And so this fall, the Adult MPB’s are going to be busy teaching Little MPB to be safe while climbing and in the water.  It should be fun!


Oh, and on another exciting note, I discovered that the really close recreation centre has a introduction to skating that Little MPB will be old enough to take in January!!  We had planned to just take him skating on our own to teach him how to sake, but I have to admit I am so excited to put him in baby/toddler skating.  I had no idea such a thing even existed, it’s going to be so cute!!  As I suspect this is a very popular activity in this Canadian winter city, to ensure I don’t forget to register him I’ve marked registration day in my calendar.

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21 Comments on “Safety & Fun Toddler Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. Sounds very fun! My boys loved swim lessons. We aren’t going right now but i hope to take them swimming more during the winter. I’ll probably just work with them on my own because I wasn’t a fan of the group class we have available in our area. So many kids, only 1 teacher. In a half hour class they can only work with each kid for about 3-5 minutes. The baby gymnastics and skate class sound really fun too!

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    • I agree about the group swim lessons! But I’ve found I don’t seem to go to swimming unless we have it scheduled so swim classes are better then not going at all. I really hope this class at least has kids close in age to Little MPB.

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  2. We have E in a tumbling class at our rec center. He loves it. Lots of things to climb in and lots of soft mats to fall on. I’m the worst skater, luckily my husband is not. I’m sure he’ll want to take him this year. We are in CO so we have a couple really cool mountain lakes to skate on.

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  3. Same pinch 🙂
    I got A registered at the community center for a Little Tykes class, which will allow him to climb different structures.. I will move A to swimming once he hits 20 months, and learns not to drink the water.. 😦

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  4. I want to start Baby Bach in swimming, but the classes are just so darn expensive! Maybe when he gets a little older and can actually understand things I will take him, then its not just him splashing and crying when we get out of the water. LOL.

    Gymnastics sounds awesome!! I bet Baby MPB will LOVE it!!

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      • It probably isn’t as much as I am making it out to be. But since we just moved I’m being extra frugal until we know how much it will cost to live in our new house with DH’s new job and my new long drive! I really do want to take him though, he LOVES the water. Maybe we will do some open swim sessions.

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      • I understand being extra frugal. ☺ I always say I’ll do open swim times and then never go. Hence the need for scheduled lessons. I actually prefer open swim to classes but I just cannot seem to go without a scheduled time.

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  5. This is perfect! Also, I totally agree that baby or toddle classes are adorable. My friend just shared pictures of her two year old starting ballet and it is so cute!

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  6. Fun! Our sons also loved to climb at that age. They attended classes at The Little Gym weekly, and we also set up our living room in a way to make climbing as safe as possible for them (vs. trying to stop them, which would have been next to impossible).

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  7. That sounds so fun! I’ve tried to find stuff like that around here for Luke but 1) there isn’t anything for kids under 2 and 2) what the heck would I do with Logan? We have gone swimming a few times at my parents house though and Luke loves it…..Logan doesn’t though. I kinda want to take them to a foam place and let them explore

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  8. I had to giggle because I signed up Annabelle for gymnastics and swimming too. We’ve gone to 2 gymnastics classes so far and it’s pretty much just letting them climb on and through little mats and tunnels but she enjoys it. We had to miss her first swimming class on Monday because of the fever. 😔


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