Paying It Forward

Today I want to again say thank you to each and everyone of you who supported us through our adoption journey and blessed us with a beautiful virtual baby shower.  All the notes we received have been saved fo20150630 - Amazedr Baby MPB to read one day and all the gifts have been well used.  I still get emotional about the fact that no-one in our real lives threw a baby shower for Baby MPB, yet they are thrown for every single family I know who has a child the traditional/normal way.  

And, yet, you all gave us exactly what I dreamed of – a celebration of Baby MPB’s arrival.  And what makes our shower extra special is the knowledge that Baby MPB is loved be hundreds of people throughout the world.  This still brings tears to my eyes as I am so thankful for the support and love that everyone has shown our little family.

So, today I wanted to share how we are paying forward the kindness so many of you have shown us.  Initially we decided that every single gift we were given would be passed on to someone who needed it.  In fact, we decided everything we had for Baby MPB, given as a gift or purchased by us we would donate to charity or give to someone we know, with one exception.  That exception was that any of the big ticket items that we bought used (i.e. halo bassinet, mamaroo, etc.) we would re-sell on craigslist and put the money directly into Baby MPB’s education fund.  Actually two exceptions, we’ve kept a few special items like the outfit he left the hospital in and his first Christmas outfit.  

But, we are now at the point where we don’t really have any of those big ticket baby items left to get rid of.  So, we were simply donating to a local good-will store and we gave some to friends who had a baby a few months ago.  These friends struggled to have their child and she quit her job in the process so we knew they could use some baby stuff to help out.

Then, as soon as we found out that Baby MPB would be a big brother, we came up with a new plan.  We instantly started putting aside all his old things for his new sibling.  And since we found out pretty early on, we’ve been collecting things for a while now.  So, almost everything we received in gifts from many of you is going to Baby MPB’s little sibling.   As long as the items are reasonably sized for shipping, we are sending everything to his sibling.  We are sending everything you can think of – clothing, bottles, bibs, sleep-sacks, toys, and even a spare diaper bag.  And, we will continue to share as Baby MPB continues to out-grow items.

As an aside, we did ask Baby MPB’s birthmother if she wanted us to do this, and she absolutely did.  In fact, I’d say she was very excited about receiving Baby MPB’s stuff.  And, so we feel paying the cost of shipping items is the least we can do for someone we love.

And so, thank you to everyone who helped enable us to be able to send these things to help another mother and her new baby.  Hopefully in addition to receiving the actual items, she too will know she is loved and supported.


But I have to admit 2 things.  First, as I sat down to actually package the items the other day I really did feel sadness that Baby MPB is growing up so quickly! As I folded the clothing I could still remember him wearing nearly each and every item.  It was amazing to go through his old things and see how much he’s changed!  I make a point to celebrate each milestone and each achievement, but I cannot deny sometimes there is sadness in realizing he is growing up.  And then there is another dynamic to the sadness as I realize we will never probably never again get to experience these baby moments as we are trying to embrace our family of three.

Secondly, I have to admit, I’m excited to see photos of the new baby wearing Baby MPB’s clothing and using his toys.  I think it’s going to be great to see the two siblings sharing stuff!!  I know they wont have a traditional sibling relationship, so for some reason the thought of them sharing stuff makes me smile.

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17 Comments on “Paying It Forward

  1. What a great way to share your gifts with others! I did think it’s sad that your family didn’t throw you a baby shower, and I hope that’s water under the bridge.


  2. What a lovely idea. I remember giving T’s old baby clothes away to friends and it was a sad moment. I’ve actually still got several of my favourite baby outfits even though I will never have another I just can’t bear to part with them!

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  3. You guys are such beautiful people. It’s such a great concept and way to bring those babies closer together. Of all of the difficult things you’ve had to navigate in the world of adoption, it seems you’ve done it so wonderfully and with such grace. Keep being the beautiful people you are because that’s what this ugly world needs so much more of. Xo


  4. You are such a kind and thoughtful person. I know it must be emotional to pack up all of baby MPB’s things but it’s so wonderful it’s all going to people in need. And it will be very neat to see his sibling using them!

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